Friday, November 12, 2010

Indecisive Weather

I'd like to start with a picture I took at the beginning of this week:

Monday, November 8th, 2010
And then today we hit 63 degrees.  I go outside and I quickly find my sweatshirt is a bit excessive.  A couple hours later, I even debated whether I should have worn shorts today instead of pants.  So in one week I've gone from having to put on a shirt and arm warmers back to running with only my shorts and shoes.  I find myself torn.  On one hand, I've always been a rather enthused fan of winter weather.  However, with the constant workouts, a part of me would prefer it remain in the 50's so I don't have to run with a shirt, arm warmers, jacket, spandex, gloves, etc.  But for now Mother Nature has found it just as hard to decide what season to stick with; at least I'm not the only one.  =P

What season do you prefer?  Are you a solid summer person?  Or do you get excited at the first snow of the year?  Maybe you are in the middle and simply like the change every so often.  Let me know what you think; leave a comment.

Today was another short workout.  I have a show to go to tonight and wanted to be sure I had time to cook tonight since I don't have any leftovers to grab in my typical rush.  My runs have gotten better and I believe I figured out why I had started getting a pain on the outer part of my right forefoot.  Despite the running shoe stores telling me that I slightly over-pronate, it feels as if I run more on the outer portion of my right foot (as if my foot tips inside-up & outside-down).  My left foot in comparison certainly hits flat and feels much different.  I'll keep focusing on trying to correct it a bit or testing whether I correct it naturally at different speeds or intensities. 

Today's Workout:
1.  Warm up: Elliptical; 1 mile forward, 0.2 mile backwards, 0.2 mile forward, 0.1 mile backwards (heart rate up to ~160)
2.  Pulley Front Lats (10 reps with 80,80,90 lb)
3.  Pulley Front Bicep Curl (10 reps with 80,80,90 lb)
4.  Pulley Front Triceps (10 reps with 80,80,90 lb)
5.  Push-Ups (20 reps)
...Repeat #2-5 for a total of three sets

6.  Squats (10 reps with 90,100,110,120,130 lb)
7.  Bench Press (5,10,10,10,10 reps with 120,90,90,90,90 lb)
...Repeat #6 & 7 for a total of 5 sets

8.  Side Plank Twists (15 reps per side)
9.  Crunch Ups (10 sit-ups & 10 crunches)
10.  Russian Twists (20 reps with 20 lb) 
...Repeat #8-10 for a total of 3 sets
10.  1.5 mile run

Depending on what I'm up to tomorrow, I may end up doing a workout at home instead of going to the gym; I'm semi-expecting to not have the full 2 hours to get down to the gym.  I've seen a few power sets for home on youtube that will be worth giving a try. 


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