Monday, November 15, 2010

Malibu Fitness

I did it!!  I got my roommate into a gym.  It's officially a success.  We went down to Malibu Fitness in Farmington, CT with a couple two week passes that I had received at one of my Oly triathlons.  

So we have until the 28th of November to make use of the passes.  Unfortunately, we will both be away for Thanksgiving in the middle of the two weeks, but it's still a start.  We plan on hitting up Big Sky gym in Newington, CT for their 7-day free trial after this.  I'm still paying my dues at Planet Fitness, but at least I'm getting some friends into fitness and also experiencing some other gyms and opportunities.  For example, Malibu has free classes for members.  I'll be making use of the three yoga classes each week!!  I just have to go pick up a yoga mat somewhere; first class is tomorrow evening. I doubt I will switch gyms because Planet Fitness is the cheapest by far, but they also do not offer any classes.  People could make arguments either way, but I will wait to pass judgement.

Either way, today was a start-up day; getting used to where the machines are, finding out what equipment they do or don't have, and trying to figure out what the code of conduct is for different things (wiping down equipment, use of equipment, changing around of seats/benches, etc.  Tomorrow (as long as I get my yoga mat) will be my first yoga class there and I'll most likely do a short workout before hand - maybe an hour or a bit shorter.  I'm psyched to get some "free" yoga classes.

I didn't really do a set workout today, more of just doing a set here, a set there.  I'll edit this post tomorrow with the actual workout, but overall it was quite relaxed.  Tomorrow I'll do a more regimented workout.


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