Monday, March 4, 2013

A LOOK BACK: February 2013

Total Swum:  0 yards!
Total Biked: 110.6 miles (259.9 miles for the year)
Total Run:  147.2 miles (260.8 miles for the year)
Total Strength: 4
Total Yoga: 0

Greatest weekly swim mileage:  nada!
Greatest weekly bike mileage:  37.8 miles
Greatest weekly run mileage:  48.0 miles. 
Greatest weekly no. of strength training sessions: 2

Average bed time:  10:43 (That's earlier than January.  Success!)
Average time to get up:  6:49 am
Average amount of sleep:  8:05
Average RHR:  47.2 bpm (5.1 bpm lower than January.  Nice!)

Monthly Goal - Try four non-animal based protein foods.
The first choice was Tofu, which went over well.
Then I moved to Tempeh, which I have yet to feel I've figured out.
Falafel was third and I've decided the packages are not good.  I have try a homemade recipe.
Black beans has been the most used in the past month, but I need to branch out to others.

2013 Racing Resolutions

  1. Race 12 races throughout the year - 5 races completed!
  2. Break my 5k PR (currently 19:30 from 2010) - Registered for the Sandy Hook 5k on 3/23
  3. Run my 3rd Half Marathon - Completed Colchester Half Marathon
  4. Run my 2nd Marathon (for time) - Completed Hyannis Marathon in 3:18:17
  5. Run back-to-back marathons - Hartford & Newport in October
  6. Race an ultramarathon
    1. Run a 50k - Lake Waramaug Ultra
    2. Run a 50 miler - JFK 50 in November?
  7. Break my Lake T Sprint PR (58:06) - Starts in June
  8. Race an Olympic Tri
  9. Race Two Half Irons - Registered for Rev3 Quassy & HITS North County (both in June)
  10. Race an Ironman - IM Lake Placid in July
  11. Race a new event (i.e. Spartan Race)
2013 Training Resolutions
  1. Ride a double century (200 miles) - No way I'm doing this indoors!
  2. Once started, maintain at least one swim, one bike, and one run each week - Success for Feb!
  3. Maintain strength training sessions throughout the year - Success!
  4. Make use of group training sessions - One group run so far
  5. Do not ignore recovery
  6. Maintain data log
2013 Personal Resolutions
  1. Do 12 things that scare me throughout the year - Still working on #1
    • I am taking any suggestions!!
  2. Obtain a 2nd coaching position - In the works!!
  3. Make time to visit my sister in PA 
  4. Compile and keep a list of recipes / meal ideas - Nothing compiled yet.
  5. Continue eating healthy - Success!
  6. Continue cooking from home - Sucess!
  7. Continue personal reading - Finished 'A Game of Thrones' and now on 'Clash of Kings'
  8. Put 10% of my income into savings! - 51% of February's earnings went in the bank! 

1.  How was your February?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve.  


Karen said...

Swimming is so overated :) Nice job getting things done in February! There is actually a double century down here next month. It was pretty tempting but I don't think I could be ready for it that quickly. Maybe it will hve to wait for 2014!


The new uber runner training plan... run twice as much as you ride..
Caballo Blanco would be proud..