Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birthday Hat Marathon Photos

For those who had scoffed at the lack of photos in the Colchester Half Marathon and Hyannis Marathon Race Report, my apologies.  The race photos take time to get processed; I assume the biggest time crunch is sorting them all.  But have no fear, the birthday hat photos are here!!

Start line of the 2013 Hyannis Marathon

I know how to Par-Tay!!

A 26.2 mile long party!!
 Ok, so the hat only made it 8 miles before Mother Nature tore it off my head.  
But it was still worth the effort.

Cruisin' the first lap still
Just before the 20 mile marker

Just after the 20 mile marker

Asian garbage bag runner
Enjoying the last 6.2 mile push

Ahhh, the finish!

So relieved to be finished!

As usual, the photos are so out of order, I can only hope I put them in somewhat of the right order.  But heck, you'll never know!  I'm simply happy to have a picture of the birthday cone hat.  =D


1.  Do you have "fun" race photos?  Do you ever pose or do crazy things just for a "fun" photo?
I couldn't help myself with the jump at mile 20.  I was getting bored and needed the momentary relief.

2.  Do you purchase your race photos?  If so, how many do you get?  If not, what price would make it worth your while?
I've always been curious to know if a survey could be done - how would race photo profits change as the prices per photo decreased.  I think race photos are way too expensive, but it has to be because not many people buy them.  There has to be a price where more people would buy them and offset the costs.  

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 


it's all about pace said...

sounds like you did the birthday up right! Congrats.

as for the race photos... I'd buy one every time if I could get a shot for $10 or 3 for $20 or something...

mostly they want to sell you a CD... or a coffee mug... and get at least $100 out odf you...

heck I just want a decent snapshot.

Coy Martinez said...

Finally, birthday hat photos! You could have been last, we just want the fun pics! HAHAHA!

I do have fun race photos! I normally try and have one per race. I run with friends a lot so we ham it up.

I've only purchased about 5 race photos. I have a REALLY nice camera of my own so the husband normally takes pics and I have those instead of forking out the big dollars.

Alyssa Duhe said...

Race photos are wayyyyy to expensive! It's crazy. I usually hope one of my family members or friends can catch a good photo of me.