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The Annual Raffle Run
March 16th, 2013

The Annual Raffle Run is an event held each year (ok, at least the last three of them) by my triathlon club, Hartford Extended Area Triathletes.  If I'm not mistaken, the whole idea behind the event is to break up some of the late winter training with a low-key, fun event.

There are no medals.
There is no timing.
There are no mile markers.
The entry fee is not money; it's a "delicious food item."

And here's the trick.  To excel at this run, you have to perfect the skill of grabbing AND storing raffle tickets while running.  Think that's easy?  I dare you to give it a try!

Here's the break down.  The entry fee was a "delicious food item" of our choice.  No item was turned away.  We met at the local Fleet Feet, a sponsor of our club.  From the store, we ran around the block - yes, literally around the block - and back to the store.  Aaaaand, repeat.  Many times.  It's approximately a half mile loop and every time you pass the store, you grabbed a raffle ticket from one of the volunteers.  We did this for 40 minutes.  Once everyone was back to the store, we headed inside and raffled off all of the "entry fees" as well as a number of awesome swag from our various sponsors; INCLUDING a 4-month triathlon training package!!  How THAT is what I call a sweet prize!

As I'm sure you can guess, I had no specific training for this event.  It's meant to be fun, and it was.  I showed up with a box of Samoa Girl Scout cookies (thankful to have them out of my reach!) and lined up with about 12-15 people.  My goal was to run roughly 6 minute miles, which would be 12 laps.  I'll tell you now, a half mile loop is easy to lose count on!

I made it 3 or 4 laps before I started second guessing how many I had done.  Haha.  Didn't take long.  On what was lap #11, I was told I had three minutes left.  I had certainly slowed down beyond the 6:00 pace, but bolted around the next corner!  I kept looking at my watch, hoping that time would slow down.  (Side Note: Time never does you favors!)  As I rounded the last corner, I looked at my watch and knew I hadn't made it.  I finished the 12 laps in 40:18.

According to the "race officials," that was a 6:43 pace.  According to Mapmyrun, it's a 0.58 loop, which puts me at a 5:47 pace.  And according to the only GPS that worked during the run, it was a 0.54 loop, which is what I'm going with - an unofficial 6:13 average pace. 

Once inside, we raffled off the prizes and I walked away with a new water bottle and a belt that holds a single large water bottle.  Awesome!!  That will come in handy for my trail running in the fall.

I think it's safe to say that we all walked away knowing that the HEAT triathlon club is well worth the membership fee!!  What an awesome group and an awesome, fun race!


Take a WILD guess!

How many calories do you think I averaged per day over the past week?  Today is the last day for my weekly challenge of keeping track of my caloric and nutrient intake.  To say it's been easy is putting it very mild.  It is TOUGH keeping track of some of the stuff you eat!!


1.  Do you belong to a running, triathlon, fitness, or other type of activities club?  If so, what's your favorite aspect of being a member?
I belong to a triathlon club and my favorite aspects of the club are the camaraderie of the members at races and the discounts we get at the local stores.

2.  What's your favorite local race?, and why?

3.  Do you know how many calories you eat on average?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 

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