Thursday, March 21, 2013

TTT: Spinning, Standing, Nerves

Back to Spinning

That's right, it's cycling time again!  And to avoid the dread of multiple hours on the trainer, I've been hitting up a spin class at my gym once a week from an instructor who comes from a cycling background.  Not to say that strict spinners are sub-par, but I really do find that cyclists teach a different class than spinners.

Spinners are more fun and inviting.  Cyclists work you.  
Agree?  Disagree?

And to top that off, I've been doing my full leg workout (roughly 3 hours) and a run before class.  Talk about mental toughness to make it through class while following along 100%!!!  And the instructor LOVES it.  He knows I want a hard workout and so far he has delivered every time. 

Fashion or Function?

When I first heard about standing desks, I couldn't really figure out if it was a fad or if it would stick around.  Given that they are now including custom treadmills, I think it's safe to say that they are growing beyond the eccentric body-conscious crowd.  That, or the body-conscious crowd is gaining influence.  Oooooooo....

Due to some early AM back pain (I believe from my sleeping position) and the fact that I can get sucked into the computer for hours on end at times when I should be training, cooking, or cleaning, I've joined the crowd.  I switched my desk chair for a $10 coffee table and am now the owner of a beautifully pieced-together standing desk.

I must admit, I haven't had any morning back pain since I made the switch and I do find myself stepping away from the desk to stretch my legs which helps separate me from the computer.  So far, Success!!


Last night during work I took note of how far out my first big race of the season was; Rev3 Quassy.

10.5 weeks

I looked at that number - 10.5 - after writing it down and the butterflies started multiplying in my stomach.  I don't recall eating any live bugs lately, but somehow they still got in there.  Who knew the stomach would be a good breeding ground for an animal.  Way to go overcoming extreme pH levels!

My GOD!  While my running simply needs to be tweeked a little thanks to my very long winter season, my cycling needs to be kicked up a notch (on top of the spinning!).  I have a very big goal set for this race and as an athlete, I am getting very nervous about piecing it all together - the on course rides, the long runs/rides, the speed work, the swims, and so much more.

AAAAAaAAaaAAahhhhHHHhhhHhhhhh.....  (*breathe*)


1.  Do you spin?  If so, how do you feel about different instructors?  Do you have a favorite?

2.  Who's ready to switch to a standing desk?  Who's adamantly opposed?

3.  Do you get nervous before your big race?  When IS your big race this year?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 


Runners Fuel said...

I spin! I only like 2 instructors at my gym. I've tried so many. I hate the ones that turn up the intensity on your bike. They don't know how your workout has been going. Maybe you just ran 13 miles, and you need to take it easy! Sorry. That's happened to me.

Gashsam said...

Wow, I wouldn't think anyone would be bold enough to turn up the dial on someone's bike. That's so rude. If I'm going easy, I'm only cheating myself and no one else and you said they have no idea what else you have been up to or what injury you have or that this is a warm up class before I run 10kms. geez. For me I used to love spin class and then I discovered road riding. Now I have tossed my gym membership out and have a home gym, indoor bike trainer, indoor pool down the road and a treadmill. Winter is sorted. But I much prefer outdoors every time. Stand up desk? Not sure Kurt, kinda like your office chair for a fit ball. It might just be a fad. But yep it sure would cut my hours down on the computer. Keep us posted.
I'm 6.2 weeks out from Ironman Australia Port Macquarie and yup, getting nervous.

Coy Martinez said...

I get nervous but not as badly as I use to. Now the fear of the unknown isn't as bad. I kinda know what to expect I suppose.

Anyhow. First 70.3 in about 7 weeks and IM Wisc is still months away.

Brian said...

No spinning here. Only and my Kurt Kinetic in the basement.

I have been trying to get the Ergonomic people at my company to make standing desks available to employees. They are not buying it yet. I will keep pushing though. Considered buying one myself.

ALways get butterflies. When I don't get them anymore, then it will be time to take up something else.
I have a similar race schedule as you. LV Half Marathon, NJ Devilman Half-Lite, Rev3 Quassy, Iroman Lake Placid.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

I would love to have a treadmill desk! I notice when it's a cyclist teaching the class they base it on an actual ride they've done outdoors which I like because they describe it and gives me visuals to focus on when I'm "climbing" that hill...