Friday, March 29, 2013

Is this the limit?

As I said when I posted my 2013 Race Calendar...

"I want to test my limit."

I asked my body can you handle the crazy racing schedule, the high intensity training schedule, and the never ending training cycles?  It responded this week with my first speed bump. 

Ran a 5k PR.  Felt tired, but good.

Ran 6 miles to meet up with a group I'm training for the FitAthlon.  We ran 3.4 miles together and then I ran 6 miles home.  It was 15-16 miles for the day.  Felt awesome.

During the warm up for a strength training workout, my right calf tensed up something awful.  I was running at a slow 8:00 pace as usual and BAM!  Weird, but I kept going for the leisurely mile.  Some massage afterwards and I was fine.  I did my workout, went to spin, did some stretching and was all good.

I was up early with a couple clients at the track.  I ran maybe 1.25 miles with them and BAM!, the calf pain comes back like a rabid raccoon darting out from the bushes.  I stretched, massaged, and walked it off, but it didn't get much better, so I called it a day and biked instead which felt fine.  Maybe I just need a day or two off to rest.  That's nothing surprising. 

I spent all morning at work resting my leg, icing when possible, and while it feels a bit tight, it seems to be improving.  On my way home, I got to try on a pair of shoes for work.  I take three steps of a light jog to see how they feel moving and BAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!  The sharp pain is back and it's not happy!

I am currently in bed with my right leg propped up on a pillow.  I'm alternating my calf wrapping with ice packs and an ace bandage.  While this would not be a surprising fact for a typical Friday night, this one certainly is causing my weekend workout prospects to rapidly decline.

Luckily, I am booked for a trip to see my mother this weekend for Easter.  Maybe an Easter brunch buffet will cure the leg!


1.  What injuries have been speed bumps or derailings for your race/training schedules?
My calves kept me from running at a sprint last summer, but otherwise I've been good.

2.  What are your weekend workout prospects?
I had planned a 60 minute ride tonight and a 40 mile ride tomorrow, but I might opt for some cooking and bike cleaning.

3.  Any plans for Easter?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve.


My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

you might have torn your calf muscle by running too much/hard.

get an ultra sound to confirm

i've torn mine twice since october. no running for 4-6 weeks

Runners Fuel said...

I had bad knee pain last year, but it got better. I hope it feels better soon!