Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Naivity or Insanity?

 How many people have had goals that you honestly had no idea how you'd manage to complete?

I recently obtained of a copy of the Ironman's 25th Anniversary DVD and I watched it for the first time last night.  As you all know, or should from the title of this blog alone, that my goal is to complete an Ironman.  However, that is only one of many goals.  I have "stepping stone" goals lined up prior to that such as last October's half marathon, a full marathon, July and September's half Ironman, etc. and there are plenty of post-Ironman completion goals.  Last night while I watched the Ironman video and I took a dip into either goal naivity or insanity.  I'll let you decide which.

The video goes into bits of the Ironman history, the start of the race, the greatest racers over the last 25 years, and the iconic moments.  With every Ironman great, they showed them crossing the finish line.  As you know, my main goal is to simply finish the Ironman.  Beyond that, I've already somewhat planned to race one Ironman race every year until I'm physically unable.  However, on top of this, listening to all the stories of the kings and queens of the Ironman, I get the idea in my head that "I can do that;" not just finish, but WIN!

I'm either completely unafraid of challenge or have a disconnect with reality; maybe both.

I have no quarrels with the swim.  As an ex-competitive swimmer who should have raced distance anyways.  I simply need to find enough time to train.  2.4 miles will be nothing!  The bike is my black hole.  I've held off training for the bike until spring.  I've have managed to hold an average speed of about 18-19 mph, but can I do that (and more) over 4-6 times the distance?  Then, after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles, the best Ironman racers run sub-three hour marathons.  Now, I've never ran a full marathon, let alone after swimming and biking, but my first thought is "A three hour marathon is just under a 7 min/mile pace.  Hmmm... I could do that."  Am I crazy?!  My half-marathon time was 1:34:35, a 7:14 min/mile pace.  How do I get the idea that I can double the distance and increase my speed?!  I have no idea, but I love it!!  If you set a goal, it might as well be a challenge, right? 

Back in high school I had a goal of making it to the 2004 summer Olympics.  That obviously didn't happen, so maybe this is the replacement goal - become an Ironman legend.  I feel like a kid again, like the world is my playground.  Damn that's a good feeling.

Anyone have any thoughts?  Am I naive?, insane?, maybe both?


5 Miles Past Empty said...

Goals are good, who are we to say you are naive? or insane? I will say you will need a coach. I don't think any legends are self-coached. Just from reading the Triathlete's Training Bible I have learned there is a LOT more to it that even training. There is science and $$$$.

With all that said, I think we all have the ability. It is the determination, time and drive that separates the winners from the finishers. =)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Aside from simple entry fees and equipment, the coach is where the money will get sunk I'm sure. Maybe I just need to make friends with some very specified athletes, haha.

I am going to have to find me a copy of that book. I assume it is the third edition you have, correct?