Thursday, February 10, 2011

Better Planning

Everyone has days that are planned out so perfectly that nothing in the world could be out of place, right?  We all know how those go.  One thing falls out of place and the world comes crashing down like the apocalypse came early.  Or you remember too late that you left something out of your plan and again, apocalypse.

Right now, I feel like I could eat an entire buffet and still not be satisfied; quite literally.  Ok, maybe not a Chinese buffet - food that's not only "odd" (even for Chinese food), but also bad quality food, not a mix I prefer.  But anyways, I had my day planned out well (so I thought) and around 9:00pm I realized I overlooked one little thing, cooking.

I went to my first day as my new job (Girl Scouts - look at previous entry for more info) and then headed to the gym for an extended workout.  Two and a half hours later, I get out and I'm ready to EAT!  I stop at the store to pick up my post-workout snack (bananas) and head home to make quite possibly my favorite meal, eggplant parmesan.  I had the banana with peanut butter, a glass of chocolate milk, and a yogurt figuring that would be enough to cover me for an hour.  Little did I remember, eggplant parm takes two hours.  On top of that, the snack only lasted me about 20 minutes!!  *sob*sob*sob*  I need to plan better!!

Now, before you start thinking "Really?  He's complaining to the entire online community about the being hungry?," here's a bit of inside info - while I deal with the feeling of hunger quite often given my appetite, it is one of my most detested feelings EVER.  On the flip side, the feeling you get after finishing a well made and satiating meal is one of my top three physical feelings.  So go ahead and laugh, but don't be surprised when I tell you tomorrow that I ate the entire dish. 

Today's Workout:
1.  2 min. walk at 4mph
2.  2.0 mile run at 8.0 - 10.0 mph
3.  2 min. walk at 4mph
4.  Tricep Vertical Dips (3 sets of 10 reps)
5.  Lat Pull Downs (3 sets of 65, 70, 70 lbs)
6.  1.0 mile run at 9.0 - 10.5 mph
7.  Side Plank Twists (10 reps per side)
8.  Pushups (10 reps)
9.  Sit ups (10 reps)
10.  Crunches (10 reps)
11.  Russian Twists (20 reps)
Repeat #7-11 for a total of three sets

12.  1.0 mile run at 8.5-10.5 mph

1.  300 Warm up (free, back, breast)
2.  4 x 200 - maintain pace
3.  4 x 100 - pacing
4.  4 x 50 - pacing
5.  4 x 25 - hard
6.  300 Cool Down
TOTAL: 2100 yds (1.19 miles)

P.S.  Eggplant parm is a favorite meal of mine, so I encourage all of my friends to make it for me - who doesn't love great home made food without the hassle of cooking it?!  Anyways, I've been complimented multiple times on how mine always turns out better.  We still have not found out why, but my guess is the fact that I bake the eggplant instead of frying.  Not only does it turn out great, but it's healthier!!  The sauce is also homemade, but I must give compliments to my roommate who taught me how to make it.  If you're at all interested, I'd be happy to send you the recipe!

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.

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