Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Fake Out

Anyone who lives in New England knows that we recently had a ridiculously warm day.  It was all you heard about on the radio stations and all your friends were naively screaming about how Spring had finally come.  haha  Here in CT, yesterday was our warm day.  When I got up in the morning to go to the gym, I layered up, grabbed my bag, and walked to the car and as soon as I stepped outside I thought "Why am I going to the gym to run?  It's so warm outside."  I ended up at the gym anyways, but vowed that if the weather was to keep up, I'll do my runs outside from now on.  As soon as I turned the radio on, I heard that it was supposed to be in the 40s and 50s all week.  Despite my love for winter, I was celebrating inside.  "I get to go back to outdoor training, yay!!!"  Little did I know, Mother Nature still had a joke or two up her sleeve.

I got up this morning to go run (outside of course) and just before I headed out I checked the weather.  Expecting to see something like mid-30s or low-40s, I was surprised to see that it was 21 degrees fahrenheit with a 16 degree wind chill, meaning it felt like 5 degrees.  Hmmm...  Not quite the Spring weather I was expecting (unless of course I lived in Siberia).  I was already dressed, so I couldn't back out now!  I'm so glad I went.

The wind was a bit annoying for the first mile or so, but once I turned around at mile 1, the wind was at my back and I warmed up rather quickly.  I hit cruise at about 1.5 miles.  By "cruise" I mean I settled into a pace that felt like I could go forever.  To my surprise, I was actually able to run further than two miles as well.  I had not expected the treadmill training to have done much for outdoor running, but apparently it does because I ended up doing 3.3 miles and only stopped to avoid further shin splints.  I felt GREAT and I was outdoors again, yay!!  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-40s as well, so I should be able to run with less winter clothing which is always nice.

On other notes, Collin will be going to the gym himself tonight since I will be detained at the movie theater.  I'm proud of him taking the initiative to go on his own!  We shall see if I feel up to going to the gym tonight after the show to swim.  I don't need the extra swim training, so I may see about doing another run instead. 

Ok, I will leave you with another question.  Hopefully you are all enjoying some great fitness weather!!

Question of the Day:
1.  Has anyone else been able to make fitness-related use of some recent blips in the winter weather?

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


5 Miles Past Empty said...

To answer your question: No.

We had a ridiculously beautiful day here Monday, it was 70! I think it is going to be 70-75 this weekend!! LOVE IT!!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I have friends in N.C. who continually attempt to get me to move down there simply for the benefit of better training weather. I don't know if I could deal with it being much more than 75 though. I am not a hot weather person!

Stephanie said...

I ran my first outdoor race this past weekend (in Iowa) and it was gorgeous even though it was still pretty chilly. So much so that the next afternoon I hit the trails for a leisurely 6. Didn't focus on pace...just loved that Spring is around the corner and I don't have to have so many dates with the treadmill anymore. :)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I can't wait until I'm back up to a "leisurely" six miles. If the weather can keep up, I'd be happy to make that sooner rather than later for sure (I doubt my mind could take six miles on the treadmill unless of course I ran it at 20 mph).