Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oddities in Life

How many people have ever had a "what the heck...?" moment about something you normally completely overlook?  Everyone, right?

So today I noticed a few things...

1.  Pockets on suit jackets and vests are sewn shut. 

Have you ever had a suit jacket, a vest, or something similar that you would normally think should come with functional pockets, but instead where there should be a pocket, it's just a slit to make it LOOK like there's a pocket?  Clothing company fooled you!!  Well, apparently the joke's on me now. A coworker of mine pointed out to someone this morning that he hadn't "cut open his pockets."  Having no idea what he meant (because cutting open functional pockets makes no logical sense to me), I watched as he showed the other guy that he could pull on what seemed like a 'non-pocket' to rip apart the sewing and viola!, a pocket.  I was so taken aback that I immediately looked at the vest I had on.  I've always wondered why they would make slits in it to LOOK like pockets, but not put them in. But now I am even more perplexed as to why completely functional pockets have been sewn shut.  That makes no sense to me at all.

2.  Service men and women (in my experience) are by majority overweight.  

There are two points to this oddity.  First, if you have a movie, commercial, or whatnot of a firefighter or a cop, they're typically decently built, somewhat athletic, able to carry themselves well, and NOT OVERWEIGHT.  So this morning when I stopped at a light which was right in front of the fire station, why did four noticeably overweight firefighters get out of a truck?! 

Secondly, firefighters, cops, mailmen/women, etc. are either on their feet a good amount of the day or should be in regular training to some degree; at least that's my view.  In this light, either they start the program significantly overweight and have actually slimmed down or they are not getting the training/exercise they need.  It makes no sense to me, and of course being the fitness-oriented person I am, I notice these things.

3.  No desire to compete for gas prices.

Out of care for keeping my car in the best shape possible, I've always attempted to go with Mobil gas.  There are certainly times when I'll get something else, but by majority I do my best to stick with Mobil.  Recently, I've filled up with just about everything BUT Mobil.  I'll drive down the road and pass Mobil with gas at $3.39/gallon and continue on to either Mercury which is 0.2 miles away or Citgo that is 0.6 miles away and get gas for $3.19/gallon.  I understand when one gas station is a cent or two different - maybe they feel they have the better gas and can still win customers over.  But how does anyone stay in business when they charge twenty cents more?!  It's hard to see people still pumping gas there; I question their motives.

Just some ideas for thought...  Go ahead and discuss.

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