Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Rest

Hey guys and gals!  Today is my rest day, which I am honestly finding it harder and harder to take, but I guess it's "necessary" so I force it. 

If you didn't see yesterday's post HERE, I am still looking for help with the shin splints.  I spent a lot of time reading up on it (again) today and I've got a few ideas as well as a friend willing to let me borrow his running shoes to compare.  However, I'm always willing to listen to more advice. 

I wrote about shin splints in the past, HERE, so I must have had them more than I can remember.  (It's nice to be able to forget the bad moments in some ways).  I'll be updating this previous entry in the next week or so with what new ideas and approaches I've found, used, or have been told of.  Hopefully I'll find something that will make this my last real entry on the topic (*crossing fingers*).

Again, thank you for the help!

On a related note, during yesterday's run, I tested out running with my hydration pack.  As I mentioned before, I have a high sweat rate, so once I get up to marathon distance run training (I'm guessing in about a month and a half) I am going to need to carry water with me on runs.  Since I am not a fan of holding a water bottle in my hand or the fuel belt bottles, I figured the hydration pack is my next option.  I know a few people who use it in that way, so I tried it (this time without water in it).  At first, it was annoying.  I could hear my keys jingling and the straps were a bit restrictive, but once I was a mile or two in, the only complaint would be it made me sweat more.  I can't say what adding water in it will change, but it remains a possibility for my longer runs thus far.  

Switching gears, like to take a second and thank Austin over at Enjoy The Ride for being such an awesome example of the triathlon family.  He held a quick little giveaway a bit ago and I was lucky enough to get a profile design aero water bottle from him.

 It even came with some AUTHENTIC New Orleans Mardi Gras beads, which he explains in his post HERE are now littered all over the streets he runs on now.  But this way he gets to spread the joy and clean up his running routes all at once. 

 Yes, I need to shave.  But it's my rest day, so I was lazy.  

So a big THANK YOU goes out to him for helping support newcomers to the sport and being so generous!  I guess now is when I should start looking at some aero bars for my bike, huh? 

Lastly, since I've been encouraging food posts, I figured I'd share my own meal.  In between writing yesterday's post I made asparagus, rice, and Swai (a fish very similar to Tilapia).  I boil the asparagus in water (the tops cook faster, so add the bottoms first), remove the water, fry them for a couple minutes, melt butter over them, and sprinkle on parmesan cheese.  The rice was the lazy Rice-A-Roni (just follow the directions).  The Swai I pan fry on medium heat for about a couple minutes per side with a light sprinkle of Cajun seasoning.

I've become quite a fan of Swai, so I tend to have some on hand most days.  It's even cheaper than Tilapia!

1.  On your rest days, do you struggle withe the urge to workout or is it a relief to not have to?
Working out is my form of destressing and I genuinely enjoy the post-workout soreness, so I find it hard to take a full day and purposefully avoid the gym

2.  For those of you who bring water with you on runs, how do you do so?  
I've never carried water with me on runs, so I'm open to any ideas or thoughts on your experiences

3.  What are you looking forward to this week?
I'm looking forward to a full week of workouts and no required rest until next Sunday.  Yay!!

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  


Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything. The following links explian some of the most important ideas I use in my training


Austin said...

Hey man, thanks for the mention. Hope the water bottle works out for ya. Good luck with the shin splints. The only thing that has worked for me is rest, rest, rest once you have them and making sure you have good form (not heel striking) to avoid them. Feel better.

Richelle said...

Your dinner sounded delicious.

1. I am thankful for my rest days. I need them!

2. I am fortunate to live in an area where there are plenty of lakes with water pumps and fountains sprinkled around them. However, if I'm running in an area with no easy water access, I carry my Nathan sprint hand-held.

3. I'm already looking forward to next weekend. :)

Caroline said...

I do not like rest days.. I tend to get really grumpy on those days but at my age I do need rest days. If I don't race in the weekend I rest only on Friday. If I race on Sunday then I rest Friday and Saturday.

Water: that is a problem for me. I tried to carry bottle in my hands, I cannot do it. Makes me have really bad "arm movement". So I got a belt with just one bottle that sits in the lower back sideways. For now it is ok.

if you can go and meet Dean and get a few miles with him do it. The folks that got that chance like me are the ones who went to his slow pace.
That is the secret!!!

Stephanie said...

1. I have a tendency to want to exercise badly when it's supposed to be a rest day and try to talk myself out of work outs on days I'm scheduled. Weird mind.
2. It's a problem for me. I like things in my hands but not a water bottle. I definitely need to work on hydration.
3. I'm looking forward to potential outdoor runs this week. Hoping the weather cooperates!

Perfect day for the scruff picture!! ;)