Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Second Coming of Paleo

Remember the 30 Day Paleo Experiment (START & FINISH)?  Remember how one of my 2012 goals was testing Paleo under training conditions?  Well...

Paleo is back!!  

Ok, I'm lying.  It'll be back officially as of 0:00 Monday morning (yes, I use military time!), but I'm in full preparation for it.  Two stops today at Aldi's and Stop & Shop.  I just need to stop at Price Chopper after tomorrow's morning swim for some portabello mushrooms and get raw nuts from Whole Foods and I'll be all set!  ...I hope.

Here are a few details about this second round...

Why am I returning to Paleo?
1.  Revolution3 Quassy Half.  I have my first A-race in June, just 5 weeks from today, and I want to be in the best shape for it.  I know that nutrition is a big part of that.  Not that I've neglected my nutrition since January though.  I chose to let myself focus on the miles and intensity first and now that that's set, I'll tweak the nutrition. 

2.  Fat over Carb Metabolism.  The paleo (caveman) diet cuts out all processed foods including carbs which will hopefully train my body to utilize fats more efficiently and rely less on carbs.  The last time around, I felt much more consistent energy and I'm hoping adding training to the mix doesn't change that.

3.  Racing Weight.  I won't lie - I'm hoping to drop a few pounds.  Last time, I dropped around 8 lbs in the first week of Paleo.  I'm currently around 170 lb and I'd like to be closer to 160 lb.  Don't worry though.  I'll be keeping a very close eye on my weight, body fat percentage, and how I feel.  If it goes to far, I WILL pull the plug

What am I allowed to eat?
Just like last time, I will be using a stricter form of Paleo.  If it can't be picked, gathered, or caught, I will not eat it.  However, as opposed to last time, I will be giving myself one cheat day each week to help avoid calorie deficits if need be.  I won't let myself go off the deep end.  

How long will the Paleo diet last?
Five weeks.  Right through Rev3 race day, Sunday, June 3rd.  After that, I will re-evaluate how I feel.

One exception - if I feel the diet hinders my training, I will re-evaluate and either alter or scrap the whole endeavor.


1.  Do you change your diet prior to your A-priority races?  

2.  I'm all ears for extra Paleo meal/snack ideas!

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 

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gashsam said...

Hey Kurt,

I'll be watching with avid interest. I like the idea of a Paleo diet. Not sure how it would go with me (the carb and sugar lover) so your thoughts along your way would be great to read. I was wondering what your 'carb load' meal will be the night before race day? And do you allow GUs etc into your plan as I guess it falls outside of the Paleo guidlines.

Best of luck.