Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Wish List Trip to the LBS

I have a tri in just under two weeks and I was in need of a way in which to carry my CO2 cartridges, tube, and valve.  So I stopped into the LBS today and I should know better by now!

ME: "I was hoping you guys could help me figure out how to carry the CO2, tubes, levers, etc. on the tri bike."
LBS: "XLab wings will be in next week."

XLab Turbo Wing with an attached X-Nut
What I'm going to need is a "wing" that attaches to the back of the saddle.  Onto the wing you can attach a "nut" that holds two CO2 cartridges and your valve and strap on a tire tube.  Then if I ever decide to, I can add one or two bottle cages.  But the wings won't be in until next week, so I have to wait to get it.  From online, they look like it'll run me $50-70 plus the $15 nut. 

Then as we're up at the computers looking up prices, I notice that one of the employees is wearing the Pearl Izumi ISO Transitions. 

ME: "Those are the Transitions, right?"
LBS: "Yeah, just got 'em."
ME: "Where did you get 'em?"
LBS: "We sell them here."

So of course now I have to try the Transitions on!!  They had a pair of 11s and 12s.  From those pairs, I'm sure I'll take an 11.5.  And with a 15% discount at the shop, I'm quite happy to have found them.  They're $120.  I might have to make that order next week when I pick up the XLab wing. 

ME: "So...  Anything else new come in or coming in soon I should know about?"
LBS: "We've got the tri apparel - shorts and jerseys - coming in next week."
ME: "Hahaha.  I do need a jersey."

Then I looked at Tri shoes.  They range at this shop from $129 to $199 or more.  I liked the Grio and Pearl Izumi shoes, but the Bontrager was a bit narrow.  As much as I'm sure everyone will tell me that these are a big necessity, I might wait until after Rev3 to get them. 

Lastly, I took a quick look at tires.  I've been using the factory tires on my Felt S22 and know that by June, I'll need a new pair.  I'm debating between getting a pair of racing tires to use just for racing or if I should get a pair of more stable tires that will last me longer.  I'm leaning towards the latter.


1.  How do you carry your CO2, levers, tube, and such? 
Do you have a wing, saddle bag, or something else?

2.  What's on your tri wish list?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


gashsam said...

I have the XLab Wing specific for the Cervelo P3. Its a great way to have everything in its own place. Just watch your single spare doesn't sit to high on the back so it gets in the way as you mount your bike. Though maybe you're more flexible than me

My wish list.... I can say finally that I think I have everything I need now. Got new tri kit/outfit from my Coach the other day(got to fly the flag). I got a $200 gift voucher from our local bike shop for my birthday and can't think of a thing I need. BUT!!!! I'm sure I can find something hmmmm maybe a wet weather bikejacket as winter is approaching.

Enjoy your new gear. I'm keen on the transitions too. Maybe you can do a review and let us know how you find them.

Miguel Vieira said...

Hey Kurt,

You know I was bound to comment on this post!! :)

Good list mate, and I know for a fact that XLab Wing is a must! I have the Xlab Turbo Wing a carry back and sraps included, but I have not yet placed it on the saddle!

Yesterday I went on and got the following items:

1 of dhb Merino Longsleeve Roundneck Baselayer
1 of Castelli Nano Shoecover
1 of Castelli Thermoflex Leg Warmers
1 of Compressport Compression Arm Sleeve, White
1 of Compressport R2 (Race & Recovery) Calf Guard, White
1 of Compressport Race Belt

I do, however, have my wishlist here:

Im hoping to get the Fusion Tri Suit this week so I can train and race on it a few times before my A race this year, Half Challenge Barcelona.

See you around! :)

Anonymous said...


Just looked over some of your training sessions - did you used to be a professional cyclist?! You are so fast on the bike! Non-draft OLY pros' race around 25-28 mph, and you're doing that on your training rides. You should go for your pro card, or at the very least enter some bicycle races!!!