Thursday, April 26, 2012

I need your wetsuit fitting advice.

Do you own a wetsuit?  

If so, then I need your advice on a fit for my very first wetsuit. 

I have an extensive swimming background, so I've gone with sleeveless instead of sleeves - I don't like the idea of restricting shoulder movement.  This will also be my first wetsuit, so I'm alien to what the small nuances are (fitting, styles, company differences, etc.)

I'm looking to get the Xterra Vortex Sleeveless wetsuit and I'm inbetween sizes.  Currently, I am 6'0" and 170lb which puts me on the low end of a Medium-Long size.

However, as of Monday I will be going back on the Paleo diet.  If you recall from my previous experiment, read it HERE, I lost roughly 8 lbs.  If that happens again, I'll be closer to 160lb and this would then put me at a Small-Long size.

The person I talked to at Xterra said that I would be best in a Medium-Long unless I realistically see myself being down below 163.  If that happens, then I should get a Small-Long.

I don't know what size to order!!!

I can of course get the suit, test it out, and exchange it if need be, but I'd prefer to get it over with in one shipping.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Do wetsuits really expand a half size when wet?  Should I get the Medium-Long so that I can use it during training when I'm 170lb too?  Will the Medium-Long feel big if I cut down in weight and stay there?  Will the Short-Long be too tight to swim in when I'm back to 170lb?  I've also done all my swimming without a wetsuit so far, so should I just get the race-ready suit and leave it at that?  I don't know!


1.  Are the differences in wetsuit sizes drastic enough to make a huge difference to people that are on the fence? 
I've read reviews of people who order one size smaller normally so they have a "race fit."

2.  Let's say I get a Small-Long.  Would you expect that to be uncomfortable to wear during training if I pop above the weight range?
My inclination is to order a Small-Long, see how it fits NOW, and go from there.  If it's WAY too tight, then I'll exchange it.  If it fits well or is JUST a tad tight and I'm sure Paleo will make it fit well, then I'll stick with it.

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Jenny Davidson said...

No wetsuit in the history of endurance sport has ever felt big! Get the medium. I really don't think you'll find it too big when you're at race weight, and they are so dreadful to get into anyway that I think erring on the side of slightly larger is better than slightly smaller. Given your swim background, I agree that sleeveless is a very good idea.

Jess @ THIR said...

I actually went the size smaller than what I should have been, weight wise. They're MEANT to be tight and ridiculously hard to get on.... And that's what the person who was supervising me trying them on recommended.

I go sleeveless as well, but I do own one of each (some races I do prefer you to wear sleeves, jellyfish and shit).
I don't think 8lb is going to make a difference in the wetsuit though to be honest.
I fluctuate about 8kg between winter and summer weights and my wetsuit doesn't change a lot.

Ok, that's a bit jumbled.
My thoughts? I would go the small. If it had sleeves, I'd say medium because across the shoulders would make a difference, but in sleeveless it's easier to wear a smaller size.

Sigh. that was an operation. i need coffee :D

Sarah said...

In that brand wetsuit, I went with the medium long myself because I am taller. It seems to fit perfect for me.