Monday, April 2, 2012

Running Lessons

There are plenty of lessons we've learned over the course of our athletic "careers" and yesterday I relearned one of them...

Running Lesson #?? 
(I should really keep a list)

Know the location of all public buildings and gas stations along your route.

Public buildings?  Why do I need to know where the Library is?!  Public buildings can be used for all types of things such as cover from freak storms, a phone to call for a ride if things go bad, or as in yesterday's case, to alleviating GI issues.  My personal favorite stop is the gas station - far fewer questions and odd looks.

I had already swam and attended yoga in the morning.  After errands, a snack, and rest, I headed out for my long run, 11.45 miles.  At first, I thought my clothing debate was going to be my biggest issue.  Will sleeveless and gloves be warm enough?  About a mile in, that was taken over by a side stitch. Ugh!  I HATE side stitches.  I can always work through them, but they affect my breathing. That lasted for a looooong three miles and then I forgot all about it when the real big concern appeared, the ever-fun upset stomach.

Clothing and the heat/cold I've learned to deal with.  Side stitches can be worked out, even if I have to stop.  GI issues ruin everything!  You can't give up your pace/time goal and just enjoy the run.  You can't just ignore it and work through the pain.  Even after my pit stop, I still had an upset stomach.  All-in-all, I was still impressed with my 7:38 pace; just a tad faster than last week's 10.17 mile run.  But it was not an enjoyable run. 


1.  What is the worst type of issue to get on a run?
Is it GI, wet socks, blisters, forgetting your body glide... ?  

2.  Have you ever had to stop to use the bathroom on a run?
If not, you are incredibly lucky and I hope it continues that way!  This was the 4th time I can recall stopping on a training run.  I also stopped twice during last year's marathon.

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Aimee said...

Ugh..I hate when that happens! Definitely knowing where good pit stops are is key!

Coy Martinez said...

Almost every run is a potential GI disaster for me. Welcome to my summer.