Monday, April 23, 2012

Add THAT to the Tri-Skill List

No matter what we do, we all imitate those we find look or are better at it.  The first time you joined a school sport, you copied the awesome seniors who kicked your a$$.  You might have watched the professionals on tv and tried to mimic their movement, finese, and the like.

No matter how much we might enjoy being unique, there's a part of us that always wants to fit in and be like the rest.

This will be my third triathlon season and after multiple sprints, olys, and halves, I've watched with curiosity as the official looking triathletes run with their bikes only holding the seat.  I've tried, I've tried, and I've tried again, but every time I do, the handlebars fall to the sides and the bike goes in all directions other than straight.

I would normally be tripping over the front tire if I did this!
But Saturday, as I headed out with the tri bike on a quick ride around town, I was holding the seat as I closed a door behind me and when I walked away, I noticed that the handlebars remained straight.  I began to jog.  The handlebars bent slightly to the left, but I pushed the bike to the right and they straightened out.

Holy Cow!  I can run with a bike just like a real triathlete!

"I'm a real boy" 
begins ringing in my head.

I'm pretty sure the tri bike had something to do with it compared to the road bike I've used before.  But that doesn't stop me from feeling proud of my new skill.


1.  What sport-related skill were you excited to acquire?  
Before this new skill, it was riding a road bike without my hands and the running bike mount.

2.  What skill would you like to acquire? 

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 

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Jess @ THIR said...

I was excited to find I can mount the bike with the shoes attached, and dismount and leave them there. That was awesome.

I still want to learn the "Superman" bike mount though. I have to pause slightly to get onto my left shoe before I mount... The Superman would prevent that pause. And make me look AWESOME.