Thursday, July 7, 2011

T Minus 68 Hours

Today is step one of last minute checks.

I've got three piles of "items" on my floor for the bike gear bag, run gear bag, and morning clothes bag.  I went out yesterday before work and got my Gatorade Endurance (lemon-lime flavor) since the trial with Hammer Heed didn't quite work out well.  I picked up a new bottle of Tide Sport Detergent (this is THE best detergent every made!) for tomorrow's morning laundry, I've made lists upon lists upon lists of "things to do," "things to bring," "athlete check list," "contingency plans," "possible versus necessary plans," etc., and I've planned out my meals for the next 48 hours.

Oh, and a big THANK YOU to Amanda at Run To The Finish for the Running Gear Giveaway I won awhile back.  The Odwalla bars are awesome!  I only wish I could find the chocolate peanut butter ones to buy more.  I can't even find them online to buy!  I'm planning on bringing one or two of the Odwalla bars along with a Powerbar with me on the bike course too. 

I've also spent time going through the rules for this weekend's run course in detail.  Unfortunately, they DO state that a shirt must be worn at all times.  My NERelay teammates, roommate, and friends here in CT know I much prefer to run without one, so that will be an interesting run.  I went and tried on some tri tops at the LBS, but for $50+, I decided to stick with what I have for now and find an alternative before September's race.  I might very well run the course with my shirt pulled up though; I can overheat way too quickly with a shirt on (hence why I am not wearing one at this very moment!).  I might have to ask at our pre-race meeting what penalty there is for going shirt-less; it might be worth it. 

I went to the grocery store today too and I'm starting to feel more and more like an athlete or nutrition junky.  The only things I bought that weren't from the produce department were two Powerbars.  The rest was fresh fruit and veg!  And I've been eating a lot of it lately for lunch/dinner (strawberries, celery, yellow bell pepper...).  I made a pasta dish for lunch with yellow and green squash, red pepper, sausage, and an alfredo sauce. 

Ok, time to take a nap before I head off to work. 

Stay Classy!!


1.  What are you up to today (other than work)?

2.  How far in advance do you begin prepping for a race?
Training doesn't count as prep.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo excited for you! Can't wait to hear your success story! I usual plan the night before. I'm a procrastinator!

Runners Fuel said...

I've started my taper for my next half marathon. I hate this part. It will be over soon and I will be training for the next 1/2. Good luck with the race!

it's all about pace said...

"stay classy" - you know your followers... :-)

1. Today
2 spin classes...
40 minutes swim
the work gig (Manager in IT)
tempo run later
try to not fall asleep while watching the TdF

2. prep for a race? the night before unless it's out of town... but hey! It's my 14th season...

Matthew Smith said...

You're gonna be awesome! I'm so excited about your race, and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Richelle said...

Besides work, I attended my friend's 30th birthday party tonight.

I usually prep the day before the race.

racing dawn said...

Good luck friend!!

I'm currently in produce overload. I'm gonna crack any minute and eat something processed. ;)

And the tri bug is getting at me...can't wait to hear how race goes!!!