Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mystery Craving!

Last night I posted on both Twitter and Facebook that I very much was craving cookie dough.  I really just wanted to sink my teeth into unbaked goodness.  And just so you know, I have been known to eat an entire roll of cookie dough; it really starts tasting salty towards the end.

Anyways, while I was boarded up at home today (stupid foot!), I decided that I should satisfy that craving and make some cookie dough.  The issue was deciding what kind to make.  Finally I realized that it A-C-tually comes down to what I have in the kitchen.  I had flour, sugar (white and brown), eggs, a little bit of butter, margarine, oatmeal, and other non-cookie items.  The final decision was Shortbread cookies (surprisingly simple to make) and Oatmeal cookies.

Long story short, as delicious as they were, they were a far cry from satisfying my craving. 

What the heck are you craving belly?!

One of my college friends came to the conclusion that I may be pregnant.  Let's just say I'm glad she's not going to be THAT kind of doctor.  My roommate immediately thought I ate two batches of cookie dough.  Honestly, with my ice cream cake endeavors in the past, I can't be too surprised at that reaction.  But either way, I have spent ALL day trying to figure out what it is that my body is craving. I keep munching and tasting, prepping and cooking, but nothing hits the spot.  I'm at a loss.

Any thoughts on what might solve this craving?  Maybe a cupcake...?

In other news, my good friend Chelsea finished her very first triathlon today.  Woohoo!!  I was happy to finally get to WATCH a race though I did wish I could have raced too.  Chels will soon be racing half ironmen with me I'm sure. 


1.  Everyone here loves to race, but how many races do you watch and/or volunteer at during the year?
I've only watched a couple and volunteered at one thus far.  I keep hoping my schedule would accomodate more volunteering.

2.  Have you roped any of your friends into your sport of choice?
Chels is the first I've turned into a triathlete.  I'm working on getting some more just to run a 5k (to start)

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Michael said...

I think you just need chocolate. You are craving cookie dough...that means choc chip cookie dough, those others just don't cut it!

I watch my husband race on occasion, but have yet to volunteer at a race. I really want to do that.

Not roped anyone in yet, but I tri, and I tri!

Chelsea said...

Thanks for converting me! I had such a blast :-D I have totally caught the tri bug!
P.s. Are you craving chocolate?

Miguel Vieira said...

Man, if you crave it, have it! with all the exercise you do, what a piece of chocolate or cookie dough once every blue moon.

BTW, ARE you pregnant? ;)

Erika said...

Those are weird cravings but hey...whatever works!

I have not volunteered in several years but I do enjoy it! And I watch my hubby when he races too. I need to spectate and volunteer more...maybe after my 70.3 in 16 days...

Tri-Living said...

I'm more of a salt craver.. I lose a lot when I exercise. I haven't volunteered at good big race lately. I need to!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

I have roped practically ALL my friends into races. Pretty much, if you want to be my friend you're gonna have to train or run a race with me. I actually feel kinda bad to roping in two of my friends to that 70.3. I was barely prepared for this. They were not prepared. But they did it and it was so awesome!!!

Colleen said...

mmmm... Cookie dough! :)

I wish I could get more of my friends to come to races either to cheer or race! But that's alright, I've made new friends AT the races!

I volunteer a few times a year - more at bike races than tri's though. If there's a tri, I wanna be racing! :)