Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Day of Firsts

First Wednesday off!  Usually I work Wednesday, but our assistant manager asked off for later this week, so my off days got bumped. 

First solo OWS (open water swim).  Other than the after taste of seaweed/algae, it was a success!

First game of Ultimate Frisbee this season.

First hyperextension of my right metatarsals.  Wait, what?!  Yep, I rolled my foot at Ultimate about two hours ago and the top of my foot is definitely not feeling great.  I've hyperextended it a few times before, so I know the feeling and unfortunately the only cure is rest.  I am hopeful however that a miracle will occur overnight with anti-inflammatory meds, ice and heat leaving me prepped for the first sprint tri of the season tomorrow.  That is optimism, my friend. 


1.  Have you ever had an injury that sidelined you right before a race?

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Coy Martinez said...

Sure has, about 4 times this year already. If it isn't my left foot it's my right knee. I try to remember the big picture and that's that we have many years to do what we want, that's the great thing about being healthy and competing! ICE and REST, I bet that foot will come around!!

Matthew Smith said...

Ouch! I hope that doesn't turn into something worse. That's NOT a good first!

Michael said...

Yikes!! I am sending good vibes your way!

I've had a few injuries. I missed out on a half marathon due to a stress fracture last fall. It sucked!

Colleen said...

Yay for days off, yay for OWS, yay for Frisbee...

But big time BOO for the foot! Yikes... hope it heals quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hyperextending metatarsals? Impressive! And ouch.

In 2009 I had tendonitis flare up so bad in my right foot that I could not walk for 2 days before a duathlon. Being the former gymnast I am, I wrapped and chewed ibuprofen before the race LOL-dumb move was out of commission for 2 months after!

SupermomE12 said...

Kurt! That is NO GOOD! I am sure hoping it is miraculously better tomorrow. Take it easy today!!