Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm alive, I swear

Hey guys.  

Sorry to have somewhat disappeared randomly.  This will be short and if it's posted any later than 8:30PM EST, then I fell asleep at my computer.  If so...  Yeah, I don't know.  You'll just have to work with it.

I just got back from work.  Normally that shouldn't be any excuse to miss blogging, but I've been trying my best to keep from driving to work lately in order to save some moolah and since it's been dry weather, I've been doing a lot of riding.  Between having to leave my apartment 1.25 hours before work and not getting home until 1.0+ hours after I punch out and fitting in errands when I can, I haven't had much "free" time.  On top of that, despite the continued heat wave with temps in the high 90's today, I even opted to commute home today by foot.  That's right, I RAN 11.5 miles.  To put it quickly...

I'm tired!

Now here's the rest of the news in whatever order it decides to spit out of my half-functional brain...

This whole idea of training in the hotter weather seems to be working; I can feel myself getting better at dealing with the heat.  I still am not training as fast as I used to, but I figure that will come in time.  I've taken this week as a distance/endurance week and ran 7, 8.5, and 11.5 miles.  Next week I think I'll split up one of those runs and test my speed with it. 

I finally have a Thursday off at work on a week when my Sprint Triathlons are scheduled as well, so I'll get to test my speed out this week.  

On top of that, I have a Wednesday off as well which means I get to join my Ultimate Frisbee group for once this year.  I haven't been able to make it to a single game because of my work schedule. 

Ok, time to stuff whatever food I can get my hands on into my mouth before I pass out for the night.

I'll be back soon!


1.  Do your coworkers know about your athletic endeavors?  If so, do they think you're crazy?

2.  How long of a commute do you have to work and how do you get there?
If I drive, it's 10-15 minutes.  By bike, 45 min.  By foot, 1:39 by today's timing.

3.  Have you noticed the heat getting easier to deal with?
I don't think I could be totally used to it - it's still heavenly to walk into an air-conditioned room - but it's becoming more of a "norm" now. 

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Anonymous said...

Co workers.. Hmm my kids? Yes they prb think I'm nuts or they are just used to it. My neighborhood pretty much knows who my husband and I are just because we seem to be always either running, biking and swimming. Yes I have noticed the heat is more doable. I don't use a Garmin esp in the heat. I know I will run slower and I should.

Coy Martinez said...

I need a blanket and pillow just reading! You know though, I love that you ride and run around! Believe me, if I lived in town, I would do the same! We have a shower in our office!

Michael said...

I hear you on the time thing. I had something after work every single night this past week, and the last 2 months it's been at least 3 or 4 nights out of 5. It's crazy.

Yes, I talk about triathlons and races with my co-workers some think it's crazy, but most think it's pretty cool.

I have 45-50 minute commute to work, I have no idea what it would be to ride/run....well it would be impossible to run - it's about 30 miles. It would also be pretty impossible to bike (lots of highways and a 3 hour commute I don't think so).

The HEAT just won't go away lately. I am getting more "used" to it, but still cursing it!

Anonymous said...

I work from home so I don't really have "co-workers" but my clients who I have calls with do think I'm a bit nuts! Especially when they found out I did a tri last Wednesday night when it was 100 degrees!

My commute is zero minutes unless I travel to Jersey which can take hours with flight delays!

I still hate this heat. I don't feel quite as awful as I did at first but I still am pissy that it's not cooler!!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Glad you're alive. =)

I now have a 51 mile commute and it takes anywhere from 48-55 minutes depending. It would take me ALL DAY to ride my bike. I have, however, seen a crazed Kenyan-looking man running the interstate about three out of five mornings a week. Where is going? Where did he come from? How far is he going? Is he nuts? On the INTERSTATE?! Awesomeness!

So you have a sprint tri on a Thursday? Strange but awesome.

Yes, I am becoming accustomed to the heat but the humidity suffocates me. Literally.

Mike said...

nice run commute home!

Some of my co-workers know about my endeavors and ask about it. My commute is by car 30-40 minutes each way. The heat is a little easier to deal with but not easy.

Caroline said...

My co workers are my boys. they dont think I am crazy. they think it is awesome to have a mom who runs. My friends thought that is another story, they think I am nuts. They would never get up at 5 am to run. they would never pay to enter a race and "suffer" !!!

Matthew Smith said...

I'm tired too! And, I seem to never be rested. It's like no matter how much I sleep, I can't get rest. Hopefully,you're sleeping right now and getting some serious shut-eye. Enjoy the ultimate frisbee!

Colleen said...

I love that you are biking to work! Luckily I work from home, but I think I would try to do that as much as possible. Sure, it cuts into your free time, but there are so many pluses! Keep it up!

ajh said...

My commute is rather short in the athletic world. It is 8 minutes by car, 14ish one way by bike - longer the other because it is uphill and I never go straight home, I go past and ride more. It is 40 or so on foot.

Yes, my co workers think of me as very athletic which still blows my mind because that is not how I think of myself.

Runners Fuel said...

I work with only 3 other people and they know about what I do. They actually have changed my work schedule, to better accomadate me.

it's all about pace said...

my coworkers know that I run beacuse I do it at lunchtime... I don't discuss details much.

I drive to work... 15ish miles... I'd ride but would get run over... not bike friendly in Jax, FL

but... I used to play Ultimate Frisbee ---- with my coworkers at my old job... 3-5 days a week. An absoloute blast... as we used to say "The most fun you can have on your lunch break with your clothes on"

Oh... and keep riding that bike! =:-)

Richelle said...

A few of my co-workers were inspired by me to start running.

I drive to work... usually takes 15-20 minutes. I'm looking forward to moving into the condo my fiance and I purchased because then I will have a 15-20 minute WALK to work. :)

The heat is getting easier to manage, but it's still hard.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

my hubs has been riding to work too, but it's only like 30 min max for him so it doesn't really seem that bad.

ahhh ultimate frisbee again i suck, but my husband loves it. I don't think there is a single league here in miami though