Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Track Dread & Workout Math

 4x 1200m w/ 400m recovery

I woke up today with fear of today's workout.  The 800s went surprisingly well the last three weeks, but now it's an extra lap and no rest.  Ugh!!  And I had zero motivation to do ANYTHING yesterday, which seems to have spilled over to today.  But I had no excuse.  "Get it done" I told myself.  So I packed up and headed to the local high school track. 

I had kept a 1:30 pace per 400m for my 800s and had hoped to maintain the speed for the extra distance, but I knew it was less likely with the low motivation.  I was just going to push as much as I can and hope it works. 

Every 1200 was 1:35 or less per 400m!  I stayed happily consistent and ran the warm up right through all four 1200m repeats without a break.  It wasn't exactly a happy or exciting workout, but it will do.  Next week is 6x 1200s.  *sigh*

And I met the nicest walker!

Dave, is a middle aged guy who I've seen at the track a few times.  He came out about halfway through my workout and began walking.  He walked every lap in a different lane, completing 8 full laps.  Once I was cooling down, we exchanged pleasantries.  We finished at the same time and chatted a bit.  He asked if I was training for something specific and told me that his son-in-law who lives in Michigan does "those marathon things."  He was not of the type to jump the bandwagon, but he has walked ~2.25 miles 2-3x/week for 3 years.  I couldn't help but get a big smile!  I love people who not only appreciate regular exercise but enjoy it!!

Exercising people = Happy people
People = People
Exercising = Happy


1.  Who have you met recently on your workouts?

2.  What workout do you wake up and dread?
It's a drop back week and I'm thankful for that, but after last weekend, my motivation is down for ANY workout.

3.  Any tips to help boost my motivation?
I can't wait for Thursday's Fleet Feet Track workout.  Having people there brings out my competitive edge and it always boosts my motivation!


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