Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Marathon Training Program for Marathon #4

This year has been unique if not viably considered "Crazy."  Most of my training periods and schedules have overlapped and my marathon schedule is no different.  I thought I'd share the construction of this year's marathon program in order to be held accountable.

If it works, this is where I'll refer to with my
"Ha-HA.  I was right!"
If it doesn't, this is where I'll return to try and re-evaluate.

After recovering from Ironman Lake Placid, I gave myself a solid 8 weeks of training for the Hartford Marathon.  My ultimate goal is to attempt the BQ.

Yeah, it's a tall order!  And I may not make it (I've accepted that), but I wanted to give it a shot.  Before you think "Man, this guy is crazy and due for an injury!," as a little background, I had trained for a 3:30 prior to hitting my current PR.  The day before that race, I also ran a comfortable 1:44 half mary, so I was obviously ready for a faster time!  Therefore, I see no reason to not give the BQ a try. 

So here's the info I had going into my training plan construction.

  • I did an Ironman (including a marathon) in late July; I have plenty of base without injury.
  • I have 8 weeks until race day.
  • In February, I ran a 3:18 having trained for a 3:30.  Therefore, I am capable of a faster time.

I constructed the schedule based on 4-5 runs a week...
  1. Long Run - A slower run based on making sure my body is still used to the distance & time
  2. Tempo Run - Increasing distances to adapt my body to the pace and metabolic demands while training myself mentally to push.
  3. Track Speed - Training my legs to turn over at a faster rate.
  4. Track Fun - A fun group track workout to mix things up and keep motivation up; speed and distance will be based on how I feel that day.
  5. Recovery Run - Short runs meant for recovering from harder workouts throughout the week; 1-2 times/week. 
Here's the basic schedule...

  • Monday is my Tempo Run
  • Tuesday is my Track Speed
  • Thursday is my Track Fun
  • Saturday is my Long Run
  • REST days are up for recovery runs if desired.
  • Three weeks out, I have a 70.3 to race, so that'll be a test run of my pace at the half distance.

RACE DAY PLAN: Attach myself to the 3:05 pacer and hold on as long as I can.  

If two miles in, I feel like I'm going to crash and burn, I'd prefer to keep pushing and see how far I can push the pace.  This will be the first of my back-to-back marathons, but if I had to choose, I'd prefer to be happy with this race alone than to settle for being happy about the double completion.  


1.  What is one PR of yours that you know you can beat?  What time do you think you can achieve?
I think a 3:05 marathon is going to be tough, but is within reach.  I also think a low 1:20s half is within reach (current PR is 1:27:xx)

2.   How crazy do you think I am??  
I'm shooting for a BQ at Hartford, driving out to run the Newport Marathon the very next day, and have the JFK 50 ultra 6 weeks later.  Anyone taking bets on the outcome?  I might want in on the action.



Coy Martinez said...

I don't think you sound crazy. You know your body and how to take care of it. If you're confident, then I'm confident! :)

Run with Jess said...

You are one crazy runner... but I'm just so excited that I'll be there to hopefully WATCH you do it!! I'm running the half at both Hartford and Newport... so I'll be done in plenty of time to come back and watch your finish. :) Good luck on the rest of your training.