Thursday, August 29, 2013

What would you do...

...if in the middle of your run, you spotted this.

Yup!  That's a small black bear.  This was taken at the recent Ironman Canada.  From the looks of it, it's an older cub, which to me automatically throws up a red flag.

Mama might be very close by!

Do you...
A)  Yell at the bear to get out of the way.  You've trained too long for a furry woodland creature to ruin your PR.
B)  Turn around on the spot and high tail it back the way you came.  
C)  Speed up to try and pet the bear.  It must be good luck on race day to see a bear (says the same person who believes rain on your wedding day is lucky.  Give me a break!!)

While I hope that I'd choose A, I know I'd be just about shitting my shorts at that point.  I'd most likely frantically look into the woods and once past the bear path pick up the pace for the next mile trying my best not to look back. 

What a motivational sighting!!


1.  What's the craziest thing you've seen on a race course?
I saw a bull in the middle of an Olympic bike course.  Read about it HERE.

2.  What would make you call it quits on race day?  How high does that bar have to be set?
I think a pack of bears might be it, especially if they start following me and the GU packs aren't enough to slow them down.

3.  Who's signing up for Ironman Canada 2014??
Nature lovers!  Survival of the Fittest will prove you right.


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I had a friend stop in his tracks in Alaska during a marathon. Moose. They are like the hippos of the north... worse than bears