Monday, August 5, 2013

Recovery Run, One Mile Too Long

Hey!!  I'm still alive!  

And the Ironman Lake Placid race report is up to the second loop of the run.  It should only be another couple days to get to the finish line.  I'll warn you now, it's gonna' be a long one.

The past week has been quite relaxed.  I took Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off, did a short bike Thursday, a swim on Friday, and a strength workout on Saturday.  Then Sunday I felt like running; I would have gone off to a 10 mile trail run if I thought I'd make it, but there was no chance.  I headed out on a 3.86 mile loop.

I started out slow chanting "purpose" to myself.  There was no need for speed on this run at all.  I ran a very comfortable 7:30 mile and felt GREAT! 

Running is my Zen!!

Then I ran a 7:53 mile.

I feel good, but I'm a little low on energy.

And then an 8:01 mile.

Oooo..  Is that my hip?

Emotionally, I needed that run.  But physically I may have been better off at 2 miles and change; my right hip feels weak and my knees feel the pounding  Recovery is not the fast process we all want it to be.  It takes time and determination to stick to what we should do and not go beyond what we CAN. 

I guess I'll be doing a number of 2-3 mile runs over the next few weeks. 


1.  How long do you take for recovery after your events?

2.  Do you find recovery periods relaxing or stressful?
I find them stressful.  I want nothing more than to get back out there and train or at least enjoy the open road/trail.  Instead, I'm at home resting, thinking about all the open roads/trails.

3.  How was your weekend?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 

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