Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Food

I know that my Friday recipe posts have been lacking recently.  The whole premise worked long enough for me to find a new set of recipes and then I halted.  Sorry. 

So today I bring you a different type of food post.  I've been holding off on this for a bit while I work through some kinks and think through it all.  To give you a hint, I've recently been reading Skinny Bastard, the men's version of Skinny Bitch.  Not that the book is the sole source pushing me towards this new experiment, but it's one of the final straws in a sense.  I've thought about and considered doing this for quite awhile.  I've just finally decided (for a few reasons) to give it a try. 

I am going to attempt going Vegetarian long-term.

There.  I said it.  And now before any of you think that this might be a bad decision, a difficult transition, or maybe just a futile attempt, I have to admit that this is going to be rather easy for me.  Over the past three years, since I became a triathlete, I've been experimenting and altering my diet based on how I felt, what I liked, what I thought might be better, etc. and at this point, I am two (maybe three) individual food items away from a vegetarian diet. 

Ground Turkey Meat
Chicken Stock

I eat a turkey burger maybe every other day.  I eat a fish fillet maybe twice a month.  And the chicken stock is a base for my Minestrone Soup.  The last one is easy to switch for vegetable stock; done!  The fish I can do without.  The turkey burger I really do enjoy, so that I might have to find an alternative for.  But otherwise, I'm practically already a vegetarian without even attempting to move in that direction.

Now...  (Get your shouts and sighs ready!)  If the vegetarian thing works out, I would like to attempt going Vegan for one month.  I may stipulate no processed foods as well.  I don't eat the highly processed foods, but it'll take away my canned tomatoes, chocolate milk mix, saltine crackers, etc.  The stipulation will make it difficult, which makes me consider more of a transition phase, but we shall see.  That won't be for awhile.

I am planning to do vegetarian in September.  After that, we'll see where the next transition phase takes me to. 


1.  How has your diet changed since you became active?

2.  Have you ever challenged yourself with a diet experiment?

3.  Do you think you could go vegetarian or vegan for a month?


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