Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The First Ever Trainer Olympics!

That wass the crew!  Three trainers and five clients all huddled together post-workout.  And we...  were...  tired! 

So... A little explanation.  Three of us above are trainers.  Our clients had the idea that we should face off and compete in a workout.  The idea was undoubtedly to see us suffer as much as they feel we make them do.  It really didn't take much convincing.  We are all pretty active, so we loved the idea of getting a big group together to work out. 

It all happened two weekends ago; August 18th.  We met at one of the local tracks to do a modified version of a Crossfit workout, Lorado.

6 Rounds
24 Squats 
24 Hand-Release Pushups
24 Walking Lunges
400m run

For those unaware, hand-release pushups require you to come all the way down onto the ground, take your hands off the ground, and then place them back and push back up. 

Holy cow!!!
That workout was no joke!

I finished in 21:18 and felt sore for a good week afterwards.  On Monday, I felt a little sore.  On Tuesday it hit hard and my shoulders/triceps were inflamed.  I spent the rest of the week on anti-inflammatory meds and running to the freezer for ice packs.  It was not a fun week. 

But anyways, after the workout, we all went to the smoothie shop that one of the clients owns, got our protein smoothies, and hung out.  It was quite a fun afternoon.  


1.  What is the longest you've been sore after a workout?

2.  Have you ever seen your trainer / coach in competition?
If not, have you ever wished it?


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