Monday, August 12, 2013

Speed before Endurance

That's at least the order that I expect my performance to come back after an A-race.  And this past week, it proved itself again.

After a less than stellar run the previous Sunday, I made the questionable decision to head to the Thursday night Fleet Feet track workout.  I've always loved the group; it helps the motivation, gets me to run faster than I normally would, and gives me some other people to socialize with.  I figured it couldn't hurt to go and maybe just run easy.  Haha.  Like that would happen!

Anyways, I got there and warmed up.  I felt sub-par, but better than Sunday.  Here was the workout...

Active Recovery Ladder
200, 400, 600, 800, 1200m
Active Recovery - 400m

While rested, I can usually click off 1:30 400s without much of an issue.  I figured I'd shoot for that pace and just see how I feel, most likely pulling back at the 800 and 1200m.  It turns out I was more recovered than I thought.

As usual, at the start, a number of people shot out from the gate.  I let them go with a slight laugh; there's no way you all are going to be able to hold that pace up to a 1200m!  I figured a couple may.  I held a pace that felt like a VERY comfortable 200 and was surprised.

200 = 0:40 (1:20 400m pace)

Oops!  I felt comfortable and was nowhere near a labored breathe, so I made an easy recovery lap and decided to see if I could hold the 1:20 pace.

400 Recovery = 1:49
400 = 1:20

That felt like a good pace, but definitely more of a push.  Let's see what 600m feels like.

400 Recovery = 1:52
600 = 1:58 (1:19 400m pace)

Ok!  There's little chance I'm going to hold that for an 800 and not feel drained.  Let's pull back to a 1:30 pace.

400 Recovery = 1:55
400 = 1:27
400 = 1:28

That felt quite comfortable!  At this point I was quite impressed with how well I was running.  My legs felt pressed, but were performing well.  Apparently the week had been good to me.  One more push...

400 Recovery = 1:57
400 = 1:33
400 = 1:33
400 = 1:29

I HATE ladder workouts.  Pyramids too!  But while I didn't like this workout, it turned out to be great.  I still went out a little faster than I had planned, but I felt great and did much better than expected.

Speed - CHECK!

Next up, get my endurance back. 


1.  What do you find comes first, speed or endurance?
When worked on equally, I always find speed comes first.

2.  When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised by a workout?  Do share!

3.  Do you partake in group workouts? 


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