Friday, December 3, 2010

Slow Makings...

Hello.  It's been awhile, hasn't it?  Yes, it has.

In short, a cold had been going around here in CT and it eventually got ahold of me.  I am the type of person who will go months if not years without getting a single symptom of any illness, but when I do get sick, I get SICK!  I like to think I have a superhuman immune system and taking it down means that bug has got to be a superhuman villain itself.  Anyways, in a matter of two hours, I went from "great" to "omg, I'm sick."  A couple days later, I managed to board a plane to N.C. to visit some friends for Thanksgiving.  I had a great time and managed to recover somewhat - not to mention I got to experience a Nettie Pot (WEIRD thing that nettie pot) - but am still nursing a slight cough due to mucus and a tense neck due to the cough and swollen glands.  So despite my typical mantra of "Fitness first, logics second," I'm trying to make sure I get over this thing before I jump back into any training regimes. 

Yesterday was my first "workout" since November 19th; it's sad to even think about taking that much time off.  I started slow with some yoga.  I have all the videos for P90X, so I went ahead and did the YogaX workout.  I must admit that in my short experience with Yoga, the YogaX workout was slightly more intense than average.  I know it's meant as more of a flexibility within a workout type of workout (how many times can I say "workout" in one sentence?), but I'm used to yoga being more about the flexibility and movement than getting your heart rate up.  What do you think?  Has your yoga experience been the same or do you see it differently?

I generally am not good at balance poses, so that is my main weakness for yoga.  I certainly have room to improve on flexibility, but on a 1 to 100 scale, I'd say I'm starting out at about a 70; well above average. 

On another note, I've been having fun while being sick (hard to imagine an illness letting you have fun, right?)  When I get an illness in the winter time, I generally look to cover my ears at all times; for some reason that's a major point for me.  Anyways, aside from the typical earmuffs or headband, I went through my winter outdoor clothes and pulled out one of my favorite hats:

I got this as a Christmas present last year; the Natty Dread hat from Mental Gear  It's been my snowboarding/skiing hat, but in the last week it's become my go to hat for keeping my ears warm.  Plus, it's fun to see people's reactions.  And because of that, I've added "fun winter hats" to my Xmas list.  So if you have a crazy, fun, or just a favorite winter hat, comment below with a picture.  I'd love to have ideas of what else I could get to start a collection. 

My plan is to go out some time this coming week and give running a try.  I've got a 5k on the 12th that I need to be ready for (or at least as ready for as possible), but I'll take it slow for now. 


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