Wednesday, December 8, 2010

100 Miles by New Years Eve

As you may recall, JUST before I got viciously attacked by the unidentified rhinovirus (common cold), I posted a training goal for 150 miles by Xmas.  Here it is

I had given myself 42 days to run 150 miles.  I thought it was quite reasonable.  However, due to my illness, I'm down to 17 days remaining and have only logged 14.2 miles in thus far; leaving me with 135.8 miles to do in 17 days.  Split evenly, that's just under 8 miles a day without a break.  Wow! 

Despite my complete urge to go for broke and try doing 8 miles a day, the trainer in me knows that that could end badly (shin splints, stress fracture, burnout, etc.).  In order then to stick to the original goal of increasing mileage slowly, I'm going back to my original schedule and simply shifting the weeks.  So the new goal is 100 miles by New Years.

100 Miles by New Years Eve

The first line is my previous mileage; what I've run up to this week since starting the previous goal.  Beyond that, as before, I have a base mileage to be run 5 days a week and then an added 4.95 miles each week to be spread out as I see fit throughout that week.  Hopefully the family, friends, food, and 10 degrees drop in temperature at home over Xmas won't hamper me too much.

This week I've already got two days done (yesterday and today).  I ran another 2 miles this morning in what says felt like 20 degrees.  Thankfully my winter gear is holding up nicely.  Here's to another eleven miles this week.

PS.  If I get sick again here in the next week, I might think twice about posting my training schedules on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

this is your roommate speaking... i might, just might, be willing to run a little bit with you when we're in NYC for New Years....