Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My feet.

Does anything look odd about that picture?  Maybe something doesn't look quite right.  Ok, let me help you out.  Let's look at another angle.

Left foot

How about now?  See it?  And no, I did not photoshop this (I don't even know how to use photoshop let alone illustrator or any other program).  My index toe is nice and purple!

Close up!

"How did that happen?" you might ask.  Well, I was at practice for a local musical and in one of the dance numbers, we jump into a pushup position (for you Yoga people out there, moving from Uttanasana into Plank Pose) and I managed to hit my left foot on the floor at some odd angle.  It hurt a little right then; much like a stubbed toe.  Then later that night I noticed it was swelling and the next day it turned purple.  Yay!!

So my running at this point in time is BUSTED!  Yet again my running goal is on hold for health reasons. 

Healing.  At this point I am taking anti-inflammatory OTCs, using an ice pack every 1-2 hours and keeping the foot elevated.  It hurts to curl the toe too much, but I assume it is mostly because it is still inflamed.  I doubt it's broken; my guess is it's sprained or jammed pretty well.  If you have any suggestions or thoughts, I'd be happy to hear about them.  Not having health insurance is keeping me from going to a doctor for the time being (until it gets much worse). 

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