Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's 7:30am and I have a race at 10:00am.  I just re-checked the weather forecast hopeful that it might have changed since last night, but I was wrong.

It's still going to rain.  My only consolation is that it will be in the upper 40's; at least we won't freeze on the spot.  It's sad when the towel I bring to the race isn't for wiping of sweat, but actually drying off. 

We are, however, not registered for this race.  Online registration closed earlier this week and we didn't make it to New Haven in person yesterday to register, so instead we're just going to show up and run without Bibs.  It should be fun either way.  I'll return with a recap either later today or tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

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