Thursday, May 2, 2013

TTT: Superheroes, Cooking, and Shaving


Yup, that's my apartment.  Don't you just love the slanted ceiling?! 

A friend of mine is the children's librarian at a local library and this Saturday is Free Comic Day as a fundraiser for the library.  As a part of the fundraiser, a number of local comic shops donated comic books to give out to the kids and my friend asked around to find some super hero costumes for people to wear and entice the kids with.  I, unfortunately, do not have a costume, but she was able to find one.  So this Saturday I will be playing the part of one Peter Parker at the local library.  A few of my clients, who are day care providers, were quite interested to know about it, but they also said that the mothers might get more entertainment than the kids.  The suit truly is skin tight!!  =/  Haha.  All in good fun!


As you know, the Recipe Book tab is underway and I've got a lot of great recipes to add; a new recipe every Friday!! 

In talking with members at the gym, I've had suggestions for a LOT of recipes, but one person recently topped the list by offering to give me a copy of her family cookbook.  Her family is big on cooking at home in order to be healthier.  They don't follow a specific diet per say, but they simply prefer home cooking over going out.  I thought it might be a nicely bound collection of a few family recipes, something short and simple.  Ho!!!!!  This is legit!!

The book has cooking references, tips, terms, sections for different recipe types, an index based on recipes, and a separate recipe based on the contributor.  It's amazing!!  Granted, it's not the most healthy food, but as she said, it'll give me a good spot to start. 


It's that time of year again.  The weather is picking up, the sun is out longer, and it's warming up!  I've already switched to logging 90% of my miles on the road as opposed to the trainer.  But now it's to the point of being warm enough to go with less clothing.  No more thermal arm sleeves, double layered jerseys, or leggings.  It's time to ride in summer clothes!  But with that comes the big cycling debate of shaving your legs.

Shaven leg on top, unshaven on bottom

As you can tell, I have!  Having been a swimmer through high school I was fine with the idea of shaving; it didn't seem as weird to me having done it every year.  But when I shaved last year with a straight razor I earned a whole new respect for women.  I don't know how you ladies keep up with it, let alone how you avoid getting dry, itchy legs.  So I've switched to buzzing my leg hair.  It's a whole lot easier, I still get the cooling effects, and it's less of a risk in the case I do take a spill on the bike. 


1.  What's your favorite superhero?, and why?
Having not been a comic book kid, I would have to say (now in my adult brain looking back) that Spiderman and Batman always interested me; Spiderman because of the way he was able to get around (it's just so cool!) and Batman because he did amazing things without actual super powers.  

2.  Do you have a family cook book?, or maybe just a collection of family recipes?

3.  Men, do you shave the legs?  If so, buzzer or straight razor?  Women, do you cease shaving during the winter? (If so, I don't blame you!)

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 



For the first time in 58 years I think I will shave. I think getting in my nice new wetsuit will be much easier..

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Yes, shaving becomes much more sporadic in the winter. If it was acceptable for me not to shave year round I'd probably do it. :-)