Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rev3 Quassy Race Recon Trip #2

As a part of this past crazy weekend, I went out to the Rev3 Quassy bike course on Sunday and made a double loop of the middle section of the course in an attempt to compile a prediction for race day.

Thank you Town of Morris for the use of the Town Hall / Library parking lot!

This loop put me on sections 2-4 according to my course breakdown.  Below is my total course breakdown. 

Section            Round 1                       Round 2
Section 1        57:00 (17.89 mph)        58:38 (17.45 mph)
Section 2        19:07 (22.55 mph)        18:58 (22.64 mph)
Section 3        29:31 (15.42 mph)         29:09 (15.62 mph)
Section 4        37:03 (18.55 mph)        36:21 (18.90 mph)
Section 5        45:37 (19.50 mph)        44:47 (19.84 mph)

Total              3:08:18 (17.85 mph)      3:07:53 (17.89 mph)

2012 Race      2:57:27 (18.93 mph)

As you can tell, section 2 and 5 are the fastest portions of the course and compile ~21 miles.  And on the opposite side, section 3 includes a 7 mile span of six hills.  I had only remembered the course having four hills so it was fun to readjust my course perspective as I began naming the SIX hills.

Northfield St. Hills by Name
Bend Over
Into the Light
The House Doubles Down
Baby 'N a Corner
Straight Up

I'll let your imagination run with those names.

I had honestly hoped to be around last year's time, but I can't be sure how close a training day ride should be to a race day effort.  My next step is to take on the entire course at once to see if it matches up to the compiled sections and/or last year's race time.  I'd love to see the total course loop come down close to 3 hours, giving me a better chance of cutting time down on race day closer to a 2:50 or 2:45.


1.  How close would you expect a training day ride to come to a race day time?
My money is on a better time come race day, but I'd love to have a better handle on how much difference there might be.  All thoughts are welcome.

2.  Have you ever named your rides, hills, or training areas?  Any fun names to share?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 

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Coy Martinez said...

I named a hill last weekend Check Out This Mutha F'Cker Hill. Quiet steep as you can imagine :)

You would have to be faster on race day. I can't imagine that you wouldn't unless you had crazy wind or rain, something out of your control.

Like the Dirty Dancing reference