Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cell Phones At The Gym

WARNING:  I'm going to rant for a bit here.  
Feel free to skim through the bold headlines 
and ignore the frustration I've directed out to the interwebs.

Are you attached to your cell phone?!

Be honest.  Do you check it every 20 minutes?  Do you feel or hear phantom rings and rush to see who texted you or 'liked' your facebook status update?  Do you feel naked if you accidentally leave your phone at home?

I admit that I check my phone often.  I don't like that I do, but I find myself hitting the button on the side to see if I have any messages WAY too often.  I have accidentally left my phone at home, but I don't feel odd about it.  In actuality, I feel a little freedom when I do it.  However, that's not the same for everyone.

I don't know if it is simply my recent attention to the matter or if it really is something happening more often, but one very big pet peeve of mine is when we let cell phones interrupt what's going on right in front of us.  Have you ever been out to dinner or even having dinner at home with family or friends and someone is constantly texting on their phone?  It's so annoying!!  But there's an even bigger pet peeve of mine...

Cell phones at the gym.

He is judging you right now!

I work at a gym, so you'd expect me to see a lot more things than the typical gym-goer.  However, I can't imagine that you haven't seen it yourself if you've stepped inside a gym any time in the last year.  Phones are now our means of calling someone, our music players, our cameras, our connection to the internet and all it's glory, and so many other things that I simply don't comprehend.

I still have a flip phone,
so I honestly don't know what half of what your smart phone is capable of.

I can understand if you set it to Airplane Mode and simply use it as an mp3 player.  Sure!  But do you really need to text while working out?  Is it imperative that you make that call to your buddy about next week's plans for the football game?  Do you not care that probably half the people around you are judging you right now about how you're loudly analyzing last night's episode of The Voice?

I don't want to hear your argument with your significant other.  I don't care to know about last night's crazy party.  And I don't want you taking up a machine if all you're using it for is a seat in order to text faster.

On top of all of that, the people with cell phones are always, always, ALWAYS getting less out of their workout.  Those doing cardio have to decrease the resistance as to not disturb their ability to text rapidly.  Those on weights are taking more rest than they need.  AND you're annoying...  everyone... around... you!

Put the phone in your locker
and get your F*&#*# workout done!!

Or... stay home.  Your choice.

The worst is when I have people in class that insist on checking their phone in between sets.  I will call you out EVERY single time you do it.  Sure, I have a few mothers who I don't berate because they have young kids who might call with an emergency.  That's understandable and they don't do anything beyond check the phone when it rings.  But if you're texting during my class, I reserve every right to make a very loud mockery of you in front of not only the class, but the staff, the entire gym, and now the interwebs. 

I know that with the fantastically crazy speed of the 4G LTE and whatever letters are involved network, we can browse, upload, download, share, and text/talk with previously unfathomable limits and speeds.  But isn't there a point when you can simply unplug and leave your social network and texting connection out of reach? 


1.  Do you carry your cell phone at the gym?
Please tell me you don't.

2.  Does people's attachment to their cell phone annoy you?  

3.  Does anyone have a flip phone out there?
I can't be the only one living in the stone age.  But I will admit that most people respond with "They still make those?" when they see my phone.

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 


Runners Fuel said...

I hate it when people talk on their cell phones. I can see an emergency (and you get off the machine you're using right away), but not just to chat. Huge pet peeve!!


How many people can say they have gone 100% of a day without looking at a cell phone?
Answer: Most everyone that does an Ironman race (at least us back of the packers that is)

Bron said...

Arrgghhhh !! I agree 100% !

I am one of those people who are attached to their phone, regularly checking for FB updates and messages. That being said, I never carry it around with me at gym. I get in, do my workout and then check my phone afterwards. Very little will change in the world in the space of an hour.

People on the phone at gym drive me INSANE - generally they're on the weights machine / bench that I want to be on and they just drrraagggg their set out!

Arrgghhhh !!!

(and I have an iphone. I did used to have a pink flip phone though. it was awesome)

ajh said...

Our gym doesn't allow cell phones although of course some people don't go along with that. I typically leave mine in my car. It would have to be extremely important for me to bring it in.