Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Now THAT is what I'm talking about!!

Sometimes things don't go the way you want them to.
And then sometimes you get a nice little surprise!
...and a big SMILE.

I woke up early Sunday with coaching having been cancelled.  I used the time to quickly wash the bike.  With some time to pack, I was at the pool by quarter of ten and got in 2500 yards before Yoga.

On a side note...
my two yoga classes a week 
has really helped keep my legs stretched out!

Swimming and yoga done and I was off to the Quassy course again.  Having done two recon trips breaking the bike course up into sections, it was time to tackle the course all in one swoop. 

As shown below, after the two previous trips, my best time on the course was 3:07:53, roughly 10 minutes slower than last year's race time.  As I mentioned in the last Recon report, I had hoped to make it in under 3 hours.  And since the below graph has ruined the punch line for me, I was able to dip below the 3 hours mark on Sunday.  It made for a very happy last three miles knowing I was very likely to hit my goal.  

I went out with one goal in mind, DO NOT DIG.  I wanted to see where I'd be at if I refused to really dig at any point in the race.  My hope was that by keeping it relaxed, I could spread out my energy on the hilliest course I've ever raced.  As you can tell above, that worked to bring down my time on 4 of 5 sections.  I was slower on section 3 which includes the 7 mile climb, but I felt tons better at the top of the final hill than when I dug in on the second recon trip.  

Whether it was having the day before nearly off (I did do an easy OWS on Saturday), the weather, the unintentional switch from Clif Vanilla to Clif Chocolate, or some mix, I feel fully capable of busting out a new bike PR.  Woohoo!!

And to add icing onto the cake, I went for a brick run after putting my bike away.  I ran the final 4.54 miles of the Quassy run course at a rather comfortable 7:13 pace.  I swear, I didn't know what pace I was going until I mapped out the run!  That's the bonus/downside of not having a GPS watch.  I probably would have slowed down if I knew that's how fast I was going.

P.S.   You always know when you've really worked your body when your digestive/excretory system starts acting up.  I went #2 around 5pm during the run (bonus of having a race through wooded areas), but didn't go again until Tuesday morning.  


1.  What workout has surprised you recently?  
Did you go further than you expected, faster, or just feel awesome?

2.  What's the next course you've got on the calendar to recon?
Once Rev3 Quassy is over, I'm onto IMLP and training camp is in late June.

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 

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Alyssa Duhe said...

Nice! Way to go!

I was doing yoga for awhile but stopped a few months ago. I think that might have been a bad idea. I've got to adjust my schedule to fit it in again.