Tuesday, February 18, 2014


3rd Annual Raffle Run
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February 15th, 2013

Every year, my triathlon club, HEAT, has what they call the Raffle Run.  The idea is that we all get together and bring a food item as a race entry.  Then we run around a half mile block as many times as we can in 40 minutes.  Every time we pass by the start line, we grab a raffle ticket.  Once we're done, we all go back inside and raffle off the sponsor goodies and food.  It's a lot of fun, even despite the snow and ice this year. 

Here were the goodies!

Here's the 2014 racers.  You know it's an awesome race when you can throw jokes around with all the racers you pass and that pass you.  Love this group!!

You can tell by the progression of pictures below that I kept warming up.  It was in the low thirties with a wind chill of around 24.  I might have even been able to run this with shorts!!  Shocker!


Thanks to Sonic Endurance and Ken Schulz for the pictures!

This is always a fun run to throw into the monotony of winter training.  Plus, I used it as a test for next weekend's Colchester Half Marathon.  That race is still a tune up; I don't expect much out of it.  However, it will be a test of where I'm at.  After the Raffle Run, I believe I have an intensity and race strategy picked out.  I'm super excited!


1.  What is the best race entry that you've ever had to pay?
This year, I brought a box of chocolates.  They ended up being regifted as a Valentine's Day gift.  I'm okay with that!  haha

2.  Do you do any fun races to break up the monotony of your training?
I do half marys in the spring and sprint tris during the summer.  Once I hit fall, I am more into relaxing and getting in my training for the road races coming up.


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Gashsam said...

Ha, I can't believe a year has gone by so quickly. I remember you writing about this event last year and I thought it was a great idea to pass on to my tri club. A rainy day alternative. We have needed a few of those over the years.