Friday, February 7, 2014

History Will Repeat Itself

I will eventually learn that lesson!  

I recently purchased a pair of Pearl Izumi EM Trail N1 shoes for running through the winter.  As much as I love my PI Streak IIs, the holes through the bottom of the shoe let just as much snow/water up into the shoe as they do water out of it which usually leaves my feet soaked before I even get to the end of my driveway. 

The new Trail N1 shoes fit great.  They have much more grip than the Streak IIs, which work well on the snow, slush, or ice packed roads and sidewalks.  But they just are not my Streak IIs.  And that's a bigger problem than I thought. 

Remember how CT got hit with a snow storm the other day?  Yeah...?

As I was looking out the window at the driveway before I got dressed to run, I started thinking "Should I wear the Trail N1 shoes or can I pull out the Streak IIs?"  My mind was made up before I knew it.  I pulled out the Streak IIs.  It turns out the roads were quite a bit more wet than I had hoped.

WHY do I do these things?!?!

My feet were soaked and cold before I got half way down the driveway and kept getting more and more wet and cold as I ran.  Fortunately, my feet don't seem to mind it too much.  

In the end, I'm still too much in love with my Streak IIs.  The Trail N1s are just not the same!  I think they will work better as trail shoes for muddy run days, but I somewhat doubt that.  I'll probably run through the mud with  my Streak IIs anyways. 

My problem now is convincing myself to run in the Trail N1s.  I bought them, so I need to get use out of them.  I can't let them sit there and look pretty. 

Dear Pearl Izumi,

Please bring back the Streak II.  I have not found anything comparable for a replacement yet.  

~ Triathlete & Endurance Addict

1.  Do you have different shoes for spring, summer, fall, or winter?
I do now, but the lines are blurred.  

2.  Have you ever had a pair of shoes that didn't get as much use as the others over time?
I had not until this pair of Trail N1s.  


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