Thursday, February 6, 2014


As of yesterday, Moxie Multisport announced the members of their first ever national team. I am proud to be able to now say that I will be a part of the team. 

Moxie Multisport is a multisport group based out of Austin, TX which is also the "CREW" team for the Wattie Ink group.  This will be their first year with a national team.  With their close ties to the Wattie Ink team, the group sees a lot of one another and very often is interchangeable. 

What does this mean?

Well, I've got a ton of teammates to catch up with, cheer on, and be rooted on by this year.  It also means I'll be wearing the Team Moxie kit.  ...and from what friends on the Wattie Ink team tell me, we definitely have the better kits!  Booyah!!  haha 

When I have pictures of the kit, the team, and the associated adventures, I'll let you know.

Until then, get those training hours in!  I'm actually only writing this now because my Garmin needed to charge.  I had a low battery notice on the bike and need it to function when I go out to run.  hehe  Oh, how life is dictated by training.


1.  Have you ever raced for a team?  
In 2012, I raced for Newington Bike.  In 2013, I raced with a Cardio Express kit (my employer).  This will be the first official team I've raced for.

2.  Where is your favorite spot to cheer at a triathlon?
If there's a major hill, that's always a great spot.  Otherwise, I like being somewhere out on the run.  The bike goes by too quick to get anything but "good job!" out.  On the run, you can really see how everyone is doing, motivate them, and sometimes just get them going again.


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