Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Storm Pax Adventure Run

It seems the Northeast is in no shortage of snow recently! 

We had snow on Thursday, snow on Saturday, and snow again on Tuesday.  Surprise, surprise...  It's WINTER in New England.  But along with winter comes lots of fun.  Okay, at least for me. 

On Thursday last week, I had a rest day on the schedule.  The thing is, I was also off of work due to the storm and I don't handle sitting still very well.  Thankfully, my coach swapped days and let me go frolic in the snow.  Here are some pictures I took of my 1 hour run. 

My Pearl Izumi Trail N1 shoes and thermal tights keeping me nice and warm!

The roads were rather slippery!

You can't close the gas station!!

With all the snowblowing, I couldn't tell what was a snow pile and what was flying snow from afar. 

Crazy people out on the highway! 

Well...  It was plowed from the last snow storm.  Now there's just another 6 inches of snow.

Proof I was there. 

You can't stop mail delivery!  I feel I need to note that I was too slow to get a pic of the Fed Ex truck which went by first.  So to be fair, they were ALL out there. 

This was the view from my balcony.  While most people looked outside and went straight back to bed, wrapping themselves in an extra blanket, I went straight to my computer to ask if I could go play. 

You know you grew up in Western Upstate NY when...


1. What do you think when you see snow?
Is it "snow day," "I wonder if I have enough milk/eggs," "what movie shall I watch first," or "time to go play!"?

2.  How have you faired weather wise?  Where are you at?


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