Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pre-Race Embrace of my Inner Coach

In the red corner, at 5'11" and 3/4, weighing in at 170 pounds...

My Inner Athlete

This inner me is apparently 4 years old.  He thinks he is invincible, super human, and will never back down from a challenge even if he made it up himself, to himself.  Shesh!!  He's great for short course events when the inner monologue starts in, you need to put everything aside, and just red line.  However, he will be the one on the side of the road at mile 3 of a 10k because he went out at a sub-5 pace. 

And in the blue corner, at 5'11" and 3/4, weighing in at 170 pounds...

My Inner Coach

This inner me is always thinking.  He wants to hit the mile markers at the exact pace calculated before the race, get in the nutrition exactly on cue, and dreams of triumphantly standing at the finish line under the time clock that says the exact time he predicted.  While great at reminding me that what I'm about to do, or at least thinking of doing is probably not the best idea because of X, Y, and Z (the voice of reason), he also can be a hindrance to discovering that "Hey, I am a lot better than I thought!"

Who will win?!
Place your bets now!!

Come Saturday, it's going to be another battle of the inner demons!  But I do feel I have things under control.

  1. Sub-3:05:00.  This is all I need to qualify for Boston.  
  2. Sub-3:18:17.  This is my current PR on an equally flat course.  I would hope I can beat it having better set up my approach to this race.
  3. Feel strong at the finish.  Heck, I have another marathon tomorrow!  Let's start it off well without digging myself in a hole. 
  4. Finish without injury.  Heck, I have another marathon tomorrow!  I need my legs!!

Race Day Goals
  1. Arrive early enough to get close parking.
  2. Warm up and stretch
  3. Start "easy" and comfortable for 1-2 miles.
  4. Stick with the 3:05 pacer (as long as he plans to run evenly).  
  5. Run on pace through mile 23.  If things work like they did at Hyannis, I would love to feel strong at that point in the race and be able to slowly speed things up in order to give myself some Boston cut off cushion room. 

I am feeling pretty confident about this battle (right now).  I feel confident that I can hold back with the pacer.  I know how awesome Hyannis felt and I want that feeling again.  Sorry Inner Athlete, but you have to wait patiently until the final miles, or better yet, Newport!!

Wish me luck!!

I'm off to my final taper run at the weekly track practice.  


1.  Do you feel the same battle inside you before or during a race?

2.  What has been your best race day approach over the years?


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