Thursday, October 24, 2013

I am a Boy. Here is my newest Toy.

The Nathan Vapor Wrap

After much debate over the Nathan Vapor Wrap, Camel Back Ultra LR Vest, and the Ultimate Direction SJ Ulra Vest, I made my decision on the Nathan pack. 

I ordered it Sunday and like a little kid on Christmas, I kept checking the tracking info to see where it was.  It arrived last night and I opened it up last night after work.  EXCITED!!!

However, I already know there are a few things I need to do. 

  • The 22oz. bottles I have do not fit, so I will have to order some 20oz or 16oz bottles for the front pockets.
  • The removable pocket is attached with velcro.  I'm skeptical how well that will hold while running.
Overall though, I am glad I went with the larger size (L/XL = chest 37-43"; S/M = chest 33-39").  I am a 38" chest and this will work perfectly, even if I put on a few layers in the colder months to come.

Saturday will be my first test!!!  So excited!


1.  Do you use a hydration pack?  Which one?
I've used a pack from Target the last couple of years, but I doubt it'll work for an ultra.

2.  How much water do you go through on a Loooooong run?
I did 15 miles yesterday and drank maybe 10oz.  Then there are some runs where I feel I drink 20oz. per mile.



it's all about pace said...

I have a Nathan.... an older one with a 100oz bladder...

the one you got looks to be a nice improvement on the older model

Run with Jess said...

I'm not sure I could ever do an ultra cause I hate running with stuff on my back or around my waist. A handheld does the job for me. Your new toy looks fancy, fancy though.. :) ENJOY!