Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 4 Post-Double

...and I'm feeling pretty good!

Monday was tough.  My calves were not happy.  My body was achey.  I went for a long walk which helped loosen me up, but it all tightened right back up later on.

Tuesday was a bit better.  I could walk easier.  I did a lot of myofascial work and stretched. 

Wednesday was surprisingly good.  I woke up relatively loose (relative for having done my first double).  I did some exercises at the gym and got a massage.  Other than my nagging calf pain, I was feeling good.

Today I feel great.  I'm not back 100% by any means, but my legs feel good albeit a little sore when pushed.  Oh, and my 2nd toenails are a little touchy.  Other than that though, it's time to loosen them up with a run.  Off to the track!!  We've got 800m repeats tonight.  I'm just hoping to get in the full 4-6 repeats without a pain or too much of an energy drag.  But we'll see.  If I do, I can't really complain.  I dug my own hole this time.

Next up:  JFK 50


1.  How long after a big race do you get back to exercising/training?
It all depends on the race.  It could be the next day or a week.

2.  What's the next race on your schedule?
JFK 50 is in my sights.  If I can do a double, I can handle 50.  Seriously!  I have no reservations about this one.  

3.  What does your "off-season" look like?  
I haven't had one in a year.  I'm not sure I'd recognize it if it came up and bit me.


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