Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Minute Marathon Preparations

I've been spending my time today (post-work) making some last minute preparations for tomorrow's marathon; my first BQ attempt and the first half of my double marathon weekend.  I think most of the preparations will be helpful.  The rest will simply be remembered as ways I passed the nervous time.

First...  a haircut.

BEFORE.  Quite unruly!
DURING - Total riot!
AFTER - Finally tamed!

Then I spent some time debating on race day attire.  According to The Weather Channel, it's supposed to be decent...

It might be a little cool at the start, but it'll warm up over the requisite 3 hours (8-11a) I spend on the course, so I decided winter attire was out.  The Hogsback Half Marathon two weeks ago was mid-fifties to mid-sixties and I managed in shorts, shoes, and sleeves (arm sleeves), so I am prepared to do the same for Hartford.

I picked up the throw away gloves at the expo and you know I had to pick pink!!  A friend of mine who is also racing but wasn't able to get into the seeded corral had hoped he'd have my pink suit to look for.  The pink gloves were the best I could do.  Unfortunately, as it always works with throw aways, I am having trouble considering the idea of parting with them (maybe I'm a hoarder).  I've already thought of a couple ways to try and hang onto them once my fingers get toasty.  I'd at least like to have them for Newport on Sunday. 

And finally, all I had to do was get my gear together.

My bib is attached, gels ready, race clothes set out, morning throw away clothes set aside, post-race clothes packed, and all the potentially desired lube and pain relief creams tossed in the bag.   I took my final pre-race cold bath, have the heat pack going, and movies queued for the evening.  Bring on the final strands of my taper!

Twenty six and two tenths of a mile are on the docket for tomorrow.
Bring it!!


1.  What are you doing this weekend?  Racing, adventuring, relaxing?

2.  What are your pre-race rituals?

3.  Do you use throw away clothes?



SupermomE13 said...

Good luck! I will be cheering for you from Wyoming! :)


Have fun..
Looks like half decent weather except the humidity.
70 miler for me today and then plant myself next to the computer and Ironman