Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Official & Update

It's official...

I'm registered for the Las Vegas 70.3.  My info wasn't in the system until the end of July, so I had to wait to fill out the registration.  And I'm surprised every time at the kind of info they want - personal achievements, academic and professional achievements, personal goals, etc.  I don't know what to say - and yes, they're required fields.  For "What makes you unique?" I put "I'm me."  I think I hit it right on the nose!  I mean, who else can say they're me?  No one, that's right!

Now and update on the foot.

It's feeling better and I found I can ride my bike without an issue as long as I stay in the saddle.  However, I've noticed that the joints at the bottom of my toes are turning purple at times (they look bruised).  The foot also seems to feel more affected when I don't have shoes on.  At home, I have to elevate/ice it every hour or so or it will turn red/purple and begin to ache.  While I'm on my feet for 8 hours at work, I don't have any effect unless I walk on it wrong or stub it.  Today's goal is to keep the compression sock on all day to see if that helps.

I'd really prefer to have the foot back in operation by next week because it's the last sprint triathlon of the season, but since I had hoped to see more improvement by now, I shouldn't hold my breathe just yet.

Anyone have any other thoughts on how to speed up the healing process?  I know hyperextensions really only require rest, but I'm up for any other thoughts.


1.  How many more races do you have planned for this season?
If I'm "better" in time, I have one sprint, one oly, one bike tour, one 70.3, and one marathon.

2.  Does anyone else have zero grip on what day it is?
The fact that I don't have a set schedule at work makes me feel like Sundays are Mondays and Wednesdays are Fridays.  I always have to look at my watch to know what day it is.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Runners Fuel said...

I only have 1 more half this year, but a few 5 & 10k's.

Chris @ Heavy Steps said...

I have a 5k, a half and a full all this year.

Next year I plan on running 2-3 more fulls and I am going to start doing tri's. I just need to get a bike first.

My goal is Branson Half Ironman by 2013!

ajh said...

I am trying to have zero grip on what day it is because I need to start working a lot seriously soon and I have been trying to bury my head in the sand.

I have a lot more races this season. Four that I am already registered for and there will be at least that many more.

Unknown said...

Uh... what day is it??? :)

I have a pretty jam packed fall - two marathons and a half Ironman still to go!

Awesome about getting all set for LV!

Fat for a Triathlete said...

Lol I work Monday - Friday every week and I STILL don't know what day it is... bless my timex watch.

I'm excited about Vegas! My coach is racing, so we'll be having a late night pary here in Aus, cos the race starts at 11pm our time.
Sending healing vibes your way!

Austin said...

Dude, Good luck with the foot (prayers). Congrats on vegas - that is huge! And I absolutely feel you on the day disorientation.

Austin said...

And I'm pretty sure the WTC sign up process is designed to see if you can endure the registration. After that, the race is a cake walk.

Anonymous said...

I have a 2 year old and work part tine from home so I have no clue what day it is! I usually know it is the weekend if my husband is home!

I have 2 sprints, my 70.3 and possibly 1 or 2 half marathons in October. Should be interesting since my 3tris are all in a 10 day spanish,..yikes!

Good luck with the foot!

TriGirl said...

So exciting about the 70.3!!
As for your foot...I'm guessing you clip in to your pedals. You could try moving the clips forward or backward a bit on your shoe. My husband was getting numb feet when he rode and that seems to have helped, so maybe just moving the pressure point a bit. And of course, a visit to the doctor might be a good idea ;)

I have another sprint tri next weekend, then i'm saving up all my energy/training for my first marathon in november (i'm kinda terrified).