Friday, August 5, 2011

Damsel in Distress & Dreams

Yesterday I had work, so as many of you can guess, I packed up the backpack and rode my bike.  After work, I did the usual, put on all my flashing lights, turned on my headlight and headed out.  However, last night I didn't end up getting as far as I had hoped. 

This was taken around 11 PM last night just short of half way home.  As you may notice, the back tire is detached from the bike.  That's because about 100 yards up the road, I hit a nasty pot hole and got a flat.  I stopped at the next intersection (where there was a light) and attempted to fix it.  I reinflated the tube, but it deflated again, so the tube was junk.  I whipped out the tire levers to take the tire off and *SNAP*, one of them broke.  *sigh*

I pulled out the phone and made a call I'm sure my roommate has just been WAITING for.  This is how he answered - "Are you ok?"  No "hello" or "Hey, what's up?"  He went straight for 'You're calling me at a time when you're normally already in bed; did you get hit by a car?'  My knight in shining car showed up 10 minutes later and I replaced the tube when I got home (I had an extra set of levers at home).  This was my third flat thus far.  It's funny that I was actually a bit excited when I noticed I did have a flat.  I was kind of looking forward to being able to say I fixed a flat at 11PM on a back road in the middle of nowhere; kind of a badge of honor.  I'll have to wait 'till the next time.


On another note, I've been having some weird ass dreams.  If anyone knows Mitch Hedberg's routines, you'll understand the fact that I wish I could dream about watching myself sleep.  Instead, I dream about doing workout routines or running errands.  Last night I had a dream that I was racing a friend from high school in a marathon.  It was literally only him and me.  But it was a bit of an odd marathon.  We were running around what I'm going to guess was a 1/8th mile loop within a department store.  Talk about a boring race!  Over 209 laps in total.  I woke up before I could finish the race, but it was still sufficiently weird.


1.  Have you ever failed at fixing your flats and had to call for a ride?  

2.  How late have you ever gone out for a ride or run?
I make it home from work around 11:00/11:15 PM normally.

3.  Do you have crazy dreams?  If so, do share!

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Anonymous said...

I'm praying HARD I don't get a flat because I suck at it. I ride in the mornings because of the kids :) I had a dream recently that I got lost on the Boulder course. No Garmin, no Cat's eye on my bike. I had no idea how far I had rode or where I was.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I know your trying to save money, but man, thats some late bike riding and a whole different kind of drivers that late at night

Ransick said...

Sounds like you have a pretty cool room mate. He deserves a 6 pack for that rescue.

Chris @ Heavy Steps said...

I had a flat at 9pm at night when I lived in California and when I was walking the big home an old hispanic man told me my bike tire had a devil and that is why its flat. Pretty funny until the tire kept going flat for a month. Almost every other day!

I have woke up and ran at 4am. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

I have yet to get a flat...knock on wood. I have all the stuff to change it on my bike but not sure I would know how! Probably should learn quickly though.

Don't tend to go out late for my workouts since I have my daughter to get situated for bed time. I prefer mornings if possible.

ALWAYS have weird dreams and rarely remember them!!

Unknown said...

Ugh... I hit a pot hole and flatted out yesterday too! :( It stunk. I was about .5 a mile from home on a 40 mile ride though so luckily I made it all the way home and got my workout in. I changed the tire today with the hubby watching to make sure I did it right! :)

Matthew Smith said...

It's nice to have friends to come get ya when you need some help. I'm glad you made it home alright.

Stephanie said...

I usually have very vivid (and very weird) dreams. Can you really do math in your dreams? Awesome. :)

Richelle said...

I usually don't remember my dreams, but I know that I've had some strange ones!