Monday, August 8, 2011

Dreams Part III

I need someone to analyze me.  Does anyone do dream analysis?


I'm sure it doesn't seem all that crazy that I'm dreaming about races given that I'm an athlete and keep day dreaming about longer and longer races.  However, I'm starting to feel like Marshall Ulrich.  For anyone who has read Running on Empty, Marshall's wife Heather keeps waking him up with...

"Honey, you're running in your sleep again."

About a week ago, I had a dream about a marathon in a department store I ran with a friend from high school.  Read about it HERE.

Here's the latest episode of my athletic dreams...

I ran a half marathon and then switched over and ran the same race as a marathon.  As usual, the courses were slightly different, but had similar areas.  The race, however, wasn't just any normal foot race, it was something like an adventure challenge.  There weren't trails.  There weren't obstacles, freezing water, obstacles, or a spartan at the finish line.  It was mostly roads and paths, but I was running through some buildings, up some incredibly steep streets where I had to use hand rails to pull me up, and there were puzzles to complete.  One "challenge" was similar between the two races.  In the half marathon - which I ran first - I entered this house and ran towards a mirror, that just like the horror movies had some creature in it instead of my reflection.  It began talking and a sort of puzzle fell from the ceiling that I had to complete in order to get my map of where to go next; it involved something about the land of horses. 

When I realized the same house was in the full marathon I opted to just break the mirror instead (yes, the same creature was there at first).  Little did I know, breaking the mirror meant I had to play (and win) some sort of numbers game with the people who were in the living room off to the right down the hall.  And since it's a dream, it shouldn't surprise me that I was playing against my roommates' mother...for cash.  Luckily, I had been carrying my backpack with me which had my wallet in it or else I would have been screwed.  I woke up before I got the rules to the game, but when I came to, I couldn't help but laugh!

Oh, and we all are aware of aid stations.  Typically we'll grab a water, maybe some sports drink, a gel, fruit, ice, or a sponge, right?  Well, this aid station handed out water, sandwiches, and chap stick, TONS of chap stick.  On top of that, remember how I had my backpack with me during this race?  Well, inside of the backpack, I had two loaves of  bread and a package of sliced Muenster cheese.  Don't ask me what that was for! 

I wonder if I was actually running while I dreamed.  If only I had a camera to record myself with!


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1.  Have you ever dreamed about a race?  What's the weirdest type of race you've dreamt of?

2.  Any thoughts on what my dreams mean?  Should I be doing crazy adventure challenge races?  Do I have a puzzle complex?  Am I just insane?
I must admit these dreams are getting more and more entertaining!

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Stephanie said...

My analysis---your thoughts are predominated by competing/athletics/racing. It's natural that you would dream about it. The numbers for cash game....I'm going to go with a subconscious thought about your roomates mom based on either a conversation or recent visit with her combined with your competitive nature and worry over finances? :)

Coy Martinez said...

OH KURT! I had a dream just last week that I was in the Tour de France, I woke up and was pedalling in bed! YES! Little feet just rotating in the bed! And the worst part is that biking is my least favorite activity of the Tri! HAHAHAHAHA!! Seriously. I loved your dream, mostly because I'm a big dreamer too!

Chelsea said...

That dream is hilarious! I wonder who would have won between you and Joe's mom!
I have a recurring dream that I am trying to run and I don't get anywhere so I grab onto the grass with my hands to help propel myself forward and then I end up running on all fours like a cheetah (and boy am I speedy!) Ok, and crazy..
Anyway, a few weeks ago I had a dream that I was hosting a 5k and all my friends and family competed but I was stuck and couldn't move forward. I started to reach for the grass and was disqualified for attempting to run on all fours. When I woke up all I could think of was, how did I get DQ'd in my own race?!?

Matthew Smith said...

Man I've been having some crazy dreams too. They all center around my 70.3 this weekend. We triathletes have some crazy dreams!

Richelle said...

I like Stephanie's analysis. I think she's spot on with her observations.