Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pound It Out

I felt great this morning.  There wasn't any soreness, no difficulty stretching, nothing.  So today I upped the weight on some exercises I hadn't done so on last time.  Hopefully tomorrow I find a bit of soreness.  I might do a leg workout tomorrow though.  I found myself quite bored during today's workout.

Any suggestions on good leg workout ideas?  I've never really done a full leg based workout before.

Reps & Weights:
Warm up: 1 mile forward and 0.5 mile backwards on an elliptical (heart rate up to ~155/160)
1.  Dumbbell Press (10,9,6 reps with 55lbs/arm)
2.  Bicep Curls (10 reps with 30lbs)
.....** Repeat 1 & 2 for a full three sets

3.  Gravity Rower (10 reps with 50lbs)
4.  Horizontal Overhead Lat (12 reps with 40lbs)
5.  Trecip Bench Dips (30 reps)
.....** Repeat 3-5 for a full three sets

6.  Pull-Down Triceps (3 sets of 10,9,7 reps with 50, 60, 60lbs)
7.  Vertical Overhead Lats (3 sets of 10 reps with 60lbs)


8.  Crunch Ups (3 sets of 10 situps & 10 crunches)
9.  Side Turns (12 reps)
10. Military Press (3 sets of 10,6,4 with 60 lbs)
11. Pectoral Fly (3 sets of 10,10,6 reps with increasing weight [90, 110, 130 lbs])
Cool Down: 1.5 mile on stationary bike

If you have any suggestions for interesting or even just standard leg workouts, let me know.  Otherwise, tomorrow will be a mish-mosh (yes, I did just use that "word") of randomness.  Enlighten me world!


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