Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I know I said that today would be an upper body or more likely a mixed workout day, but I had forgotten that I had an appointment to give blood today.  I hadn't even thought about whether working out would be a good idea until I got up from the table and the nurse told me "And you know the typical...  Lots of liquids, rest, and no heavy lifting..."  In my mind I responded with "200 lbs, that's not 'heavy' is it?" 

After I got home I debated.  What's lifting really gonna' do?  I looked up some stuff and the rest and no heavy exercise is mainly to allow your body to replenish the plasma, iron, and red blood cells as fast as it can.  If you go workout, you'll probably notice a decrease in energy.  If you really push yourself, you might faint, but it's not detrimental to you.  It will simply push back your recovery date.  So based on that fact, I decided to stay home.  I still did some bicep curls, push ups, and ab work here off/on through the evening (because I hate giving up the day completely - and I like the feeling of being sore).

Tomorrow I'm gonna' plan on doing either an early morning or mid afternoon mixed workout since I have a get together in the early evening.  I'll let you know how the energy feels after 3/4 day rest from giving blood.  And now that I think about it, my second olympic triathlon was 7 days after my 1st and only 4.5 days after giving blood.  Eh, who needs blood?!  haha


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