Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mixed Day

As I mentioned before, I've noticed I've been getting bored lately during the upper body workouts.  So today, instead of doing another upper body workout as planned, I did a mixed legs & arms day, which turned out to be really good.  When I focus on legs or upper body alone, I tend to rationalize taking breaks inbetween exercises.  However, when you alternate exercises, it was quite easy for me to stick to short intervals.

New Exercise(s):
1.  Bicep Bar Curl:  Much like the previously explained "bicep curl," this makes use of free weights loaded onto a bar as opposed to individual free weights in each hand.  Make sure to pause at the bottom of every curl.  Many people speed from the finish of one curl into the start of the next using their hips/core to bounce the bar back up.  This is cheating yourself. 

2.  Vertical Free Calf Ext:  The previously explained "Calf Ext" made use of a machine where you sat with your legs horizontal.  This exercise is "Vertical" because you do it from a standing position and "Free" because it makes use of dumbbell free weights for resistance as opposed to a restricting machine.  Much like the previous version, this still works the gastroc muscle.  The reason I've chosen to replace the calf extension with this version is an attempt to avoid excess stress in my foot/arch.

3.  Tricep Dip:  Starting from a vertical position where you are holding yourself up over the ground, you bend in the arms to allow your body to descent towards the floor.  Before the position of standing on the floor, push back up and return to the starting position.  As the title states, this works the tricep muscle.  

Reps & Weights:
Warm up: Elliptical; 1 mile forward, 0.2 mile backwards, 0.2 mile forward, 0.1 mile backwards (heart rate up to ~155/160)
1.  Bench Press Machine (3 sets of 10/10/6(1) reps with 90, 110, 120(110) lbs)
2.  Leg Press (3 sets of 10 reps with 210/230/250 lbs)
3.  Bicep Bar Curl  (3 sets of 10 with 35/45/45 [assuming bar weight of 25lb])
4.  Leg Curl  (3 sets of 10 with 90 lbs)
5.  Military Press  (3 sets of 10/10/9 with 60 lbs)
6.  Let Extension (3 sets of 10 with 100 lbs)
7.  Pec Fly  (3 sets of 10 with 90/110/130 lbs)
8.  Vertical Free Calf Ext  (3 sets of 40 reps with 60 lbs)
Cool-Down:  Treadmill; 0.5 miles at 4.0  (had to do this early to stretch out my calves)
9.  Stretching
10.  Crunch Up  (3 sets of 10/10)
11.  Side Plank Twist  (15 / side)
12.  Vertical Leg Tuck  (3 sets of 12 reps)
13.  Tricep vertical dip  (1 set of 10 reps)

Tomorrow is my day off.  I'll see if I can piece together a decent carbs-to-fat burning metablism piece, but no promisis.  I'm still doign a lof of reading on it. 


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